Prepaid Game Cards

Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle Available at Wizard101.com!

Step into the Spiral Cup to see what surprises await you!

Do you have what it takes to reach the final boss?

Journey through the hall of portraits for your next battle!

Place the Spiral Cup gauntlet at any of your castles.

The Pegasus Pony pet is a perfect companion for your Wizard.

The new Mystic Grimoire weapon is full of knowledge and power.

Ride around naturally with the Tanglewood Vine mount!

New! Up to Level 110 Gear & Weapons Available

Now your Wizard can select gear and weapons up to Level 110 when you redeem the Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle. Get the most powerful gear options for your high level Wizards!

    The Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle Includes
  • Pigswick Fountain Dungeon
  • Tanglewood Vine Mount
  • Pegasus Pony Pet
  • Pigswick Academy Robe
  • Mystic Grimoire Weapon
  • 5,000 Crowns
After purchasing the Spiral Cup Gauntlet, the next time you log in to Wizard101, look for the Gift button to appear in the game. Click on the Gift button to claim your items on any characters on your account. See more details »
The in-game names for the Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle items are as followed:
  • Spiral Cup Gauntlet
  • Tanglewood Vine Mount
  • Pegasus Pony Pet
  • Spiral Cup Outfit
  • Mystic Grimoire Weapon