Member Benefits!

Every month special in-game promotions will pulse for Wizards with a Membership! These limited time benefits include:

  • Free Training Point Buyback from Mr. Lincoln
  • Free Second Chance Chest Roll Daily
  • Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents
  • Double Experience from Pet Games & Pet Snacks
  • Double Gardening Rewards & Experience
  • Double Monstrology XP & Animus Collected
  • Double Scroll of Fortune Points
  • Improved Rewards on Daily Assignments
  • Improved Rewards on PVP Daily Assignments
  • Zero Energy Fishing

  • More Benefits coming soon!

These events typically run over weekends, though extended periods are possible through holidays and other times of the year.

The latest and currently running benefits are posted on Wizard101's Twitter and Facebook pages! You will also see them on the game's launcher when first logging into the game.