Are you ready to reap more rewards? Amazing perks are available for players who have an active membership!

Typically only one member benefit is active at a time. Active benefits change each weekend, so be sure to follow us on Twitter/Facebook or look at the launcher to see what’s currently running!

Train your pet even faster! Members can get double the pet experience from pet games and snacks for even more furry fun!

No wait, no sweat. Members can enjoy no cooldown timers and receive double the reagents that are dropped, harvested, and collected!

Let your garden grow. Members can receive double the rewards when harvesting their plants!

Catch even more! Fishing spells don’t cost energy for Members, allowing them to grow their collection to their heart’s content!

Had a change of heart? Members can visit Mr. Lincoln in Ravenwood to reset their training points and train different spells!

The end is in sight! Members can obtain double their earned points on the Scroll of Fortune to receive even more rewards!

Didn’t get the loot you wanted? Members can get a free Second Chance Chest roll once per dungeon! Second time’s the charm.

Ready for a monster of a good time? Members can receive double the Monstrology XP and Animus when fighting appropriate creatures!

Be a quick study. Members can get bonus rewards when completing their Daily Assignments!

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