Amazing new gear! Exotic pets from a faraway land! A marvelous multi-headed mount! All this and more await you in the all new Sinbad Hoard Pack.

Here are just some of the cool items you have a chance to receive in the Sinbad Hoard Pack:

  • Roc Mount
  • 3 Gryphon Pets
  • 3 Sinbad Gear Sets
  • 3 Boarding Hook Weapons
  • Exclusive Hari Houssen’s Clay Crafting Reagents
  • And much more!

The mythical Hari Houssen’s Clay is a special crafting reagent that you can use to construct the “Sinbad and the Iron Sultan” Gauntlet housing item.

In this gauntlet, you’ll join Sinbad’s crew and travel to the forbidden isle of Metallos, battle menacing monsters, and perhaps win the astounding Sinbad treasures from the pack! A hidden boss awaits those resourceful enough to find him but be warned! This elusive boss does not always appear, even if you're clever enough to locate his lair.

Don't want to collect the reagents to craft the gauntlet item? You can purchase the “Sinbad and Iron Sultan” Housing Gauntlet and a trove of 7500 Crowns exclusively at

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