Duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun...

What’s that lurking in the water? Why, it’s a shark! Shark Week is here and it’s time to celebrate! Now through Sunday, August 16th, join in on the fun by catching special fish, taking advantage of a sharky sale, and redeeming a free rental Swift Shark Mount!

Reel in Special Fish

Special Shark Week fish are back! The Warhammerhead Shark and 7 school Stubby Sharks have returned to the Spiral’s waters. Catch them while you can, but be careful – they have a big bite!

Jawesome Shark Mount Sale

It’s the perfect opportunity to find a new fin-tastic friend! In honor of Shark Week, we’re putting two sharky mounts on sale: the Swift Shark and Shark Skirunner! Don’t be afraid to swim around the Spiral in style.

Buy Crowns


Free Rental Shark Mount

You shouldn’t have to celebrate Shark Week without a sharky companion! Redeem the code ANYFINGOES before 11:59 PM on Sunday, August 16th, to receive a free 7-Day Rental Swift Shark Mount! Enjoy!

Make sure to take part in Shark Week before it swims away on August 16th!