Splish splash, the Spiral's taking a bath! Introducing a mount that brings a new level of sophistication and polish to the Spiral - the Rubber Ducky!

Hop and bop along with our rubbery new mount!

Don't be that quack in the Spiral without a duck! Pick up your ducky for only 3,750 Crowns!

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Free Hat Giveaway!

We're also giving away a free Helm of Ultimate Protection hat! Now your Wizard can be protected from all the unknown dangers of the Spiral. Use code besthatever to get yours.

You have to hurry though, the Rubber Ducky mount and the free Helm of Protection giveaway are only sticking around for a limited time. They will only be available until Tuesday, April 5th at 11:59pm US Central Time.


What Wizards are Saying
about Rubber Ducky

"The perfect addition to any waterfowl collection." - Natalie WildPants

"It's... a... lot... of... bouncing!" - Lauren SparkleWeaver

"Now the Spiral is going to be squeaky clean!" - William SilverDreamer


Go Get the Rubber Ducky Mount
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