Do you have a passion for fashion? Now through Monday, June 12th, Wizards level 10 and above can showcase their best Dragonspyre Themed stitch by submitting it at Maxwell Sharp's Rate My Stitch Shop!

When rating other Wizard's event outfits, consider how well the outfit matches the event’s theme. Points are awarded for both rating event outfits and for rating overall outfits. If you submit an outfit for the event and it earns a Judges Choice award, you may claim points for it on the My Outfits window.

One of the rewards you may earn from the Rate My Stitch event is a Stitch Token. Stitch Tokens are collected on your Reagents tab. If you have a Stitch Token in your inventory, you may stitch or unstitch a piece of gear for free, and the Stitch Token will be deducted instead.

As you earn rewards throughout the event, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase crafting recipes for cosmetic gear pieces, emotes, and more!

A separate Event Leaderboard will be posted after the event is over. Click Hall of Fame to see a record of the top placing stitch in previous events.

More good news! Earning points during a Rate My Stitch Event will also earn you points towards your Scroll of Fortune progress for even more rewards.

Click the Gamma icon in the top right corner or visit Maxwell Sharp in the Wizard City Shopping District to get started!

Hurry! This event ends Monday, June 12th! Please note that you only have ~72 hours after an event ends to redeem individual progress rewards.