Wizard101 Diego PvP Doodle
Wizard101 has introduced a new dynamic for our players to enjoy. Similar to dueling, Player vs Player dueling is a much more in depth method of matching your skills against other players.

Step 1 - Location

The Player vs Player Arena is located in Unicorn way, inside the current dueling arena. Just look for Diego, he's standing next to the entrance. Inside you will find two Guards. The Guard on the right is for Practice Dueling and all players can participate in this. The Guard on the left is for Ranked Dueling. These are duels that can earn you Arena Tickets and are available to Members or to Crowns players on a Pay-by-Duel basis.

Step 2 - Joining a Match

Practice Matches: You may want to join a match that someone has already created. To do this, simply click on either Guard, depending on the type of match you're interested in joining. A window will appear showing you all the matches that are currently waiting for players to join.
To join any of these matches, simply click on the word Join in any circle. You can choose to leave at any time.
You can also choose to 'Quick Join' which will place you in any open spot.
You cannot join if the match is greyed out. This could be because it is a friends only match or you do not meet the level restrictions.

Ranked Matches: Simply click Quick Join in any tab to create or join an existing duel.

Step 3 - Entering the Match

You can continue to explore Wizard101 while you wait for your match to start. You can check your match status by clicking on the PvP Icon on your screen. Once all players have joined a match, you will be asked to confirm that you still want to participate by clicking on to "Go to Arena". This will teleport you and the other duelists to a random arena once everyone has accepted.
If you flee, you automatically lose, even if you were already defeated.

Step 4 - Creating a Match

If you want to create a Practice match, click "Create Match" and this window will appear, letting you set all the settings for the match, including how many people, friends only and the levels of the opponents you'd like to compete against.

If you want to create a Ranked Match, click on the "Quick Join" button in any of the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 tabs and you will be match automatically with another player of similar level and rank.

Step 5 - Watching a Match

You can choose to watch a match in progress. Just click the Eye Flag to see a list of matches you can watch. Then select a match and you will be teleported to an area outside of the dueling circle. There is an exit placed in each arena, that will return you to the Ravenwood Commons.

Step 6 - Your PvP Rankings

Members and Crowns players can see their PvP rankings in their character screen. Just press C when you are not in combat and you will see the PvP panel tab on the right. Click it to bring up this window, listing all your ranks. You will also see your Arena points total in your Character Stats screen.

Step 7 - Spending Arena Tickets

Ok so I have these Arena Tickets? What do I do with them?
That's easy, you can spend them at Diego to buy lots of rare and amazing clothing!

A Message about PvP Tournaments

**Important Note to our Player vs Player Community**

With the release of Grizzleheim, Crafting, the Bazaar and updates to our Player vs Player system, we will be starting a new Player vs Player Preview Season. This means that all Player vs Player ranks will be reset. Your Arena Tickets will not be affected, nor will any items that you purchased with your Arena Tickets. This only resets your Player vs Player Rank.

At that time, all players will be reset to the default PvP rank of 500. Please watch our Ravenwood News Page for updates regarding the date and time that this new Preview Season begins!

Tournament Seasons
A Tournament Season lasts between 3 and 4 months. During Ranked matches, players will be teamed up based on their level and their rank for the current season.

At the beginning of a season, the difference between players you duel against and your team may seem like a lot - their level may be much higher or lower. If there aren’t very many players that want to duel when you’re looking, you might also see some large level gaps in duels. As the season continues, you will see that less as the ranking become more sorted out as the teams and opponents adjust to the based on their rank, level and win/loss ratio.

When you’re competing in teams, the Tournament system will take into account the level, rank and win/loss ratio of ALL the participants to try to create the most even duel it can, with the players that are available at that time.

At the end of the Tournament Season, all the Rankings will be erase and the adventure starts all over again!