Player vs Player (or PvP) is a combat feature where players compete against each other instead of against creatures. While similar to regular dueling, Player vs Player dueling is a much more in depth method of matching your skills against other players.

Free to play members can participate in practice PvP matches with other Wizards. Ranked PvP matches are for Members only. Learn more about becoming a Wizard101 Member.

Welcome to Player vs Player Dueling

     Wizard101 Diego PvP DoodleThe Player vs Player Arena is located in Unicorn way. Just look for Diego, he's standing next to the entrance. Inside you will find two Guards. The Guard on the right is for Practice Dueling and all players can participate in this. The Guard on the left is for Ranked Dueling. These are duels that can earn you Arena Tickets and are only available to Members or on a Pay as You Go plan.

To learn more about how to participate in PvP, see our Player vs Player section of the Players Guide.

Wizards who want to excel in PvP matches will need to train in many different schools of magic and work to collect all the best free and Crowns gear the game has to offer! The best PvP Wizard thinks on his toes, is versatile, and good with working in a team of MMO friends. Do you have what it takes to be a PvP Warlord?