Producer's Letter


December 2011 Producer's Letter


My Dear Wizards,

I’m very glad to be corresponding with you again!  Suffice it to say, we’ve been busier putting out flames than a water elemental following a young firecat, but it’s all been worth it to bring our large end-of-year update out. We’re very excited to reveal what we’ve been working on for a large portion of the year… unveiling a new Spiral door to Zafaria. I’m afraid I’ve been busy with grading final essays for my students and don’t have much to say about it myself, but I was able to send a field reporter, one of my best students, out into the fray in Zafaria to get the scoop on the missing students, and I will include her report below...

Samantha Brightmoon here, at the scene of the crime, looking for the poor, frightened, missing students who bravely ventured into the wild lands of Zafaria for what they thought would be a safely chaperoned student exchange program. Who’s to blame? Is it Sir Reginald Baxby, for creating the program to send them into the dangerous lands of Zafaria or perhaps Professor Umlilo for being a careless chaperone? I’m looking for answers here, Wizards. The cold hard fact - I won’t stop until I get the truth!

Zafaria Abracadoodle
Upon my arrival through the spiral door, I attempted to speak with Lethu Blunthoof, a guard in Baobab Crossroads. “Go away. You are just as much of a pest as that Ghostmane. I’m busy guarding this gate.” When pressured for more details on the students, he simply said, “I deal with so many annoyances regularly here at my post, I simply wouldn’t be able to distinguish between them. If I knew, I probably wouldn’t tell you anyway. Leave me be, Wizard.” When pressed for more facts, he simply put his hooves up to his ears and hummed a tune. How rude. I would have to look for my answers elsewhere.

Zafaria Abracadoodle
I was able to sneak past the others at watch and make my way into Baobab Crown, and hit the jackpot! The Zafarian Council! They were responsible for approving the students’ travel, so they must know who is to blame for this travesty! First I spoke to the Olyphant, Rasik Pridefall, who would do little more than mutter some very-not-nice sounding words and threaten me with mice. After that, each time I tried to ask him questions, he wordlessly picked me up and turned me around. Over and over - these Zafarians are just infuriating! It’s not like Ravenwood where people treat you with respect! Hrmph!

Kakenya Brokenfang was willing to speak with me, but I certainly didn’t like what he had to say. “They’re lost and probably never will be heard from again,” he said with a shrug. When questioned how he could let something like that happen, he just kept going on and on about a map. I didn’t want a map: I wanted answers! The rest of the council was just as worthless. Unathi Nightrunner just kept telling me about the problems in the market and Rasik Pridefall was gone when I returned to question him again.

Zafaria Abracadoodle
In my Zafarian travels thus far, I am not impressed with the accountability and the attitudes of those in positions in power! I return to Ravenwood without answers about the missing class, I only have information on how utterly RUDE people can be. This is Samantha Brightmoon, signing off.

I certainly think that she may have just gotten off on the wrong foot with some of the Zafarians, she does make a point that there is a mystery to be solved. If you are level 60 and have finished your adventures in Celestia, please see Merle Ambrose to start your own investigation into the students’ disappearance. I hear there are many perks that reward your venture into dangerous lands, such as being able to attain 70th level, as well as access to new Rank 9 spells and new Astral spells! You can check out all the details here.

Zafaria Abracadoodle