Don’t stick out like a saur thumb!

Take it back to Prehistoric times with exclusive dino-themed items in the all new Primeval Hoard Pack!

Here are just some of the dinomite items you have a chance to receive in the new Primeval Hoard Pack:

  • 3 Bronto Mounts (2 player mount)
  • 3 Frillasaur Pets
  • 3 Fossil Gear Sets
  • 3 Fossil Skullcrusher Weapons
  • Scarab and Fire Elf Spellements
  • And much more!

Surprise! How about some free spellements on us?
Redeem the code PrimevalSpellements before 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 23rd to receive 30 Scarab Spellements and 30 Fire Elf Spellements. Enjoy!