Convert your Crowns to membership time with our new elixir: The Prepaid Time Elixir!

Purchasing or gifting this elixir in the Crown Shop will give you or the gift recipient 1 month of prepaid membership time, which gives you access to all the Worlds in game, plus so much more! Here are just a few benefits you’ll have access to with this elixir:

  • Unlimited access to all game worlds

  • More backpack and friends list space

  • Exclusive Members-Only Emotes

  • Ranked PVP and Pet Derbies

  • Faster Energy regeneration

  • Limited time benefits like Double Pet XP

  • And much more!

Players that purchase or redeem this item that do not currently have a membership will need to return to the character select screen to activate their benefits. Please note that purchasing this elixir will not unlock open chat in-game.

This prepaid time does not automatically renew. To continue receiving the benefits, you’ll need to purchase another Prepaid Time elixir which will reactivate the benefits for another 1 month period.

If you are already a member and redeem this elixir, your subscription period will be extended and the renewal date will reflect this extension.

The elixir does not pause upon logout, it acts just like a pre-paid membership with the benefit of it being giftable. Also like a pre-paid membership, this elixir applies the above benefits for all characters on your account!

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