Our partnership with Makeship to create the first ever Wizard101 plushie went so well that a new plushie has flown your way!

We’re extremely excited to announce that a brand new Piggle plushie is now available to pre-order!


Incredibly cute and an iconic symbol of Wizard101’s pet system, the Piggle Pet you’ve come to know and love is now available in plushie form! After all, any good wizard needs a trusty pet by their side!

But that’s not all! Every person who purchases this limited edition Piggle plushie will ALSO receive a code for an exclusive FREE in-game Piggle plushie housing item to go with it!


  • Pre-Orders Start: Friday, June 3rd at 9 AM Central Time
  • Available Until: Friday, July 1st
  • Price: $27.99 USD
  • Includes:
    • 16cm Piggle Plushie
    • Special tag showing exactly how many Piggle plushies were created
    • Reusable drawstring bag
    • FREE Exclusive Piggle plushie in-game housing item

How does it work?

The Piggle plushie campaign is now live on Makeship’s website. The plushie will be available to pre-order for 28 days.

If the campaign reaches 200 orders, the Piggle plushie will go into production. If the campaign doesn’t reach 200 orders, the plushie will not go into production and all purchasers will be refunded.

So this is limited time?

Yes, this Piggle plushie and the accompanying in-game Piggle plushie housing item will never be offered for sale again. The only way to get either of them is to order a plushie within the 28-day campaign timeframe. Don't miss out!

When will I receive my Piggle plushie?

Assuming the campaign reaches the 200 order minimum, you’ll receive your plushie about 2-3 months after the campaign concludes. You can find an estimated ship date on the plushie product page on Makeship's site.

When will I receive my in-game Piggle plushie code?

If you purchase a Piggle plushie from Makeship’s website during the campaign timeframe, you will receive a code for your free in-game Piggle plushie housing item sometime after the campaign concludes. Makeship will send you an email with the code inside. We will publicly alert everyone when they start being sent out.

Where does Makeship ship to?

You can see a full list of the countries Makeship ships to here.

What if I have other questions?

Please see Makeship’s FAQ page for any questions you might have. If you have any further concerns or run into any ordering issues, please contact Makeship’s support team.

**All sales are final and non-refundable. For more information about the plushie materials, care instructions, etc… please see the product page on Makeship’s website.**