It’s the purrrfect time to pamper your pets!

Now through June 10th, celebrate Pet-a-Palooza and save up to 50% OFF your favorite pets and pet items in the Crown Shop!

  • The Golden Sun pet returns
  • The First Mate Otter, Toucan't, Proper Penguin, Pegasus Pony, and Polar Bear Cub prepaid card pets are back for a limited time!
  • The Armordillo, Cunning Seal Pup, Leopard, and Frilled Lizard retired pets are back at a discount for a limited time!
  • Purreau's Potion #9 and Hatching elixirs are on sale!
  • Mega Snack Pack and Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provision Pack are on sale!
  • The Evil Sandman pet is back for the summer
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