The Nimbari Hoard pack is full of fierce items inspired by the Nimbari Warriors in Empyrea Part Two, including the Nimbari Warrior Gear, Nimbari Scimitar Weapons, the two-rider Nimbari Chariot Mount, and the ferociously adorable Hurricanine Pet! This pack has new epic and ultra-rare items for your Wizard. Here are just some of the cool items you have a chance to receive in the Nimbari Hoard Pack:

  • Nimbari Chariot Mount (2 Rider Mount)
  • Hurricanine Pet
  • 3 Nimbari Warrior Gear Sets
  • 3 Nimbari Scimitars
  • New Housing Items, including exclusive music scrolls from Empyrea Part 2
  • New and exclusive Whirly-Burly house guests
  • And much more!

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