Want to make a grand entrance and exit whenever you teleport? You’re in luck! We’ve added 8 brand new teleport effects to the Crown Shop.

We’ve got teleport effects for each school, as well as a special flurry of feathers you might recognize from our spring Test Realm:

  • Chick-a-Bam Teleport Effect
  • LifeWorks Teleport Effect
  • DeathWorks Teleport Effect
  • FireWorks Teleport Effect
  • StormWorks Teleport Effect
  • IceWorks Teleport Effect
  • MythWorks Teleport Effect
  • BalanceWorks Teleport Effect

To equip a new teleport effect, navigate to the Gameplay 3 settings menu. At the bottom, you’ll see a new setting called “Teleport Effect.” Use the arrows to toggle through and equip your new teleport effect!

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