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Myth School

“To control the Future, one must look to the Past.”

Myth is imagination. The power of the mind, and everything it can create, drives Myth Magic. It is illusion and dreams made real. If the Wizard can conceive it, it can be brought forth and even brought to life. Beware, though, for when imagination becomes too fanciful and whimsical, dreams can escape control and run wild. Wizards of the Myth School, known as Conjurers, use Naming to summon beasts of legend by memorizing and calling out their True Name.

  null Myth dwells between Fire and Ice, for that is where the shadows lie, and Myths are the shadowy forms of thought made real.

The Myth School will train its student wizards to summon minions. Myth Wizards eventually get four different types of minions, each with a little different function. They have their own moderate damage spells with moderate accuracy, but a lot of their more functional spells deal with buffing, healing, and protecting their minions. They also have the ability of taking down defenses on other players, so if someone is stacking a bunch of defensive spells, a Myth wizard can get rid of them.

Cyrus Drake, Professor of Myth Magic



Everything, except quiet and research

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