We have an amazing new horse mount for your equestrian pursuits! We have ridden since the snows of winter through the kingdom of Ravenwood to bring you this newest mount...

Those are just two coconuts you're banging together!

So...? You can find these beautiful horses coconuts we found lying around in the Crown Shop for 3,750 Crowns!

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You have to hurry though, the African Swallows who brought us these coconuts are only delivering them for a limited time. The Mighty Steed Mount will only be available until Sunday, April 6th at 11:59pm US Central Time.

What Wizards are Saying about
the Mighty Steed Mount

"Whenever I get a bit tired, I just reach for my Mighty Steed Mount and I feel refreshed enough to gallop all the way to Camelot!" - Natalie WildPants

"Where does KingsIsle even find a mount like this? They found them... in a temperate zone? Coconuts are tropical! Are they suggesting coconuts MIGRATE?!?" - Lauren SparkleWeaver

"I'm just perplexed at how banging these coconuts together and skipping grants me a 40% increase in speed... must be the magic of Wizard101!" - William SilverDreamer

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- it's in the Crown Shop Now!

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