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Hive Bundle Available at GameStop USA!

The Amber Estate is un-bee-lievable!

With the Stinger Armor set and Bee Wings, your Wizard will blend right in with the honeycomb.

This cute Bumblebee Pet will buzz right alongside your Wizard in battle.

Honey runs like a river through the hives of the Amber estate.

Battle with your friends in the sky with this cool PvP area.

Look for the secret dragonfly mount and take a spin through your magic Amber Estate.

What kind of secrets will you find deep in the tunnels of this buzzing house?

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New! Up to Level 90 Gear & Weapons Available

Now your Wizard can select gear and weapons up to Level 90 when you redeem the Hive Bundle. Get the most powerful gear options for your high level Wizards!

    The Hive Bundle Includes
  • Amber Estate
  • Bee Wing Mount
  • Stinger Slingshot
  • Stinger Armor
  • Bumblebee Pet
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns
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The in-game names for the Hive Bundle items are as followed:
  • The Amber Estate
  • Bee Wings Mount
  • Stingshot Weapon
  • Stinger Attire
  • Bumblebee Pet