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Known Bugs

Bug Report  Greetings young Wizard! Have you perchance found a bug in the Spiral? It may be one we already know about, so please take a moment to check through this list to see if other players have already encountered and reported your bug.

If you see your bug listed here, you can rest assured that we are working diligently to squash it!

If you don't see your particular bug listed here, please take a moment to let Mr Lincoln know so we can get to work tracking it down. You can submit your bug report to Mr Lincoln through the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

Known Issues

  1. Quest Arrow Disappeared
    There are a few reasons the Yellow Quest Arrow may not be appearing:
    1. Pressing Ctrl-T on your keyboard will turn the Arrow on and off
    2. You may not have a quest selected in your journal.
    3. The quest you do have selected does not qualify for the arrow.

  2. Cannot Locate Large Pot
    Some plants require a large pot, however no large pots can be purchased at this time. You will need to use a large plot to place these plants at your Castle.

  3. Merle is at it again!
    Merle seems to be back to some bad habits of calling Wizards to his side when they level, and then not having anything for them when they arrive. Unless Merle has a symbol over his head, he's just checking to make sure you're paying attention to your studies!

  4. It's Too Bright!
    If you've logged in after the update and the world seems a little brighter, maybe too bright, please check your Bloom settings in the Options Panel (press ESC and select the second tab).

See the Frequently Asked Questions section of our message boards for other issue that may not be bugs.
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