New Prepaid Cards

Super Bundle & Hawk Rider Bundle!

These new Prepaid Game cards have the hottest new items in Wizard101 - epic mounts! In addition to these amazing mounts, you also get amazing gear, new pets and tons of goodies for your Wizard.

Super Bundle Available at Gamestop

Amazing new gear and pets to help every Wizard.

Travel with your friends on the very first two person mount!

Be the king and explore secret areas of your huge Sun Palace!

Visit the friendly Gorilla to get a free gift every day!

Train your new Giraffe pet to help your Wizard in battle!

Available at GameStop! Find a GameStop Location

    The Super Bundle Includes
  • Enormous Sun Palace Castle
  • Great Hornocerous 2 Person Mount
  • Dancing Blade Weapon
  • Chieftain’s Attire Outfit
  • Pet Giraffe
  • Mystery Teleport Tapestry
  • Additional Castle Slot Elixir

Hawk Rider Bundle Available at Walmart

See Wizard101 from a whole new perspective with the high flying Hawk mount!

The two-handed Claymore packs a powerful blow to your enemies.

Includes Hawk Rider gear and the Night Hawk pet to help your Wizard!

Available at Walmart! Find a Walmart Location

    The Hawk Rider Bundle Includes
  • High Flying Hawk Mount
  • 2-Handed Hawkrider's Claymore
  • Ranger Outfit
  • Night Hawk Pet
  • Mystery Teleport Tapestry
  • 1 Month or 5000 Crowns