Halloween Packs!


From now through November 3rd, 2019, we have super spooky Halloween hoard packs returning to the Crown Shop!


New Pirate Nightmare Pack!

Shiver your timbers with the new Pirate Nightmare Pack! This Halloween pack gives you chance at receiving these swashbuckling, sinister items:

  • Flying Dutchman Mount
  • 3 Zombie Parrot Pets
  • 3 Pirate Nightmare Gear Sets
  • 3 Captain’s Steel Weapons
  • And much more!

Elven Nightmare Pack

The battle between good and evil has never been spookier than in the new Elven Nightmare Pack. This Halloween pack has good vs. evil items your Wizard has a chance of receiving including...

  • Hart of Darkness Mount
  • Light Hart Mount
  • Dark Scaryonette Pet
  • Light Merryonette Pet
  • 2 Elven Nightmare Gear Sets
  • 2 Elven Nightmare Weapons
  • And much more!

The 2017 Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

This Day of the Dead inspired Halloween pack is packed with wonderfully wicked items that your Wizard has a chance of receiving:

  • All Souls Pegasus Mount
  • Frakenbunny Bride Pet
  • All Souls Gear Sets
  • All Souls Calavera Wands
  • ...and Many More Eerie Items!

The Harrowing Nightmare Pack

This Halloween pack has familiar favorites plus spooky items your Wizard has a chance of receiving.

  • Midnight Owl Mount
  • Winged Catastrophe Pet
  • Costume Party Wigs
  • Halloween Housing Items
  • Epic spooky gear
  • Many more wicked items!

The Original Nightmare Pack

This original Nightmare Pack gives your Wizard a chance at tons of eerie Halloween items including..

  • Nightmare Mount
  • Dragontooth Armor
  • Darkwraith Armor
  • Vampire Pet
  • Nightmare Pet
  • And many more spooktacular items!

Note: The rare mounts, gear, and equipment found in the Harrowing Nightmare Pack and the Original Nightmare Pack are exclusive to that pack. For example, items like the Cloudstrider Pegasus, Darkwraith clothing and Darkwraith Scythe can only be found in the Original Nightmare pack. Also, the Midnight Owl mount, Harrowing mounts, Torment armors, Guitars, and Harrowing Bones pet are all exclusive to the Harrowing Nightmare Pack.