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Beastmoon Hunt Player Guide


Welcome to the hunt, Wizards! The Beastmoon Hunt is a team-based, goal-oriented Event designed to bring Wizards together in a fun, friendly, and competitive environment. These Events are run each month and may change slightly each time it’s run. Wizards level 10 and over can participate, including groups of Wizards! With each Hunt, there are different Beastforms and Maps to play in addition to other exciting content.

In the Beastmoon Hunt, Wizards transform themselves into a variety of different Beastforms, create or join a Team, and battle other Wizards in a match. Each Beastform has a different set of spells and stats, making combat with each one unique.

To the victor go the spoils! You’ll be able to work towards some great rewards, including:
  • Exclusive event Gear
  • New unique Beastform unlocks
  • Permanent Beastform upgrades
  • And more!

You’ll earn these rewards in many ways, including Gardening (the Beastmoon Hunt event is the only place to find some new plants and unique soil planters, and ways to care for this plant life), Crafting, and simply having fun participating!

Joining a Match

When an event is run you will see the following ‘Gamma’ icon in the upper right hand of your screen:


Clicking on the Gamma icon will pop-up all currently running events, including the Beastmoon Hunt if it’s scheduled to be run.


Once you've decided if you're joining on your own or as a pre-defined group (you must be grouped before joining a match), click on the Beastmoon Hunt to open up the Event Window and then click on the ‘Join Match’ button as shown below:


Once you’ve selected ‘Join Match’, you will be entered into a queue where there may be a brief wait for other players to join. You can join a match at any time and from anywhere when the event is running! Each match typically takes between 15-20 minutes.

When enough Wizards have joined the queue, it’s time to start a Match!

Choosing a Beastform


As the Match begins, you’ll find yourself in the Hall of Beasts. Beastforms line the walls for your choosing. The statues which you can use are sparkling. If a statue isn’t sparkling, it means either the Beastform has already been chosen or is currently locked.

The size of the statue may indicate the role (Tank, Support, or Damage) your Beastform has on your team:
  • Larger Beastforms (ex: Colossus, Cyclops, Wolf Warrior) are Tank types, slower, more health and protecting those with less health.
  • Medium Beastforms (ex: Minotaur, Draconian, Krokomummy, Ninja Pig) have average health, and can fill any role based on their school.
  • Smaller Beastforms (ex: Rat Thief, Elf, and Fairy) have the least amount of health. They are normally focused on Support and Damage roles by either doing Damage themselves or helping others do more.
Each statue may represent more than one school of Magic. The combination of Beastform and School give them a unique combination of stats and Spells.

Click on a statue to see the cards that the Beastform has based on School. Check out a few different statues, read the cards, and get a sense of what they are about. Each one plays differently! Some Beastforms are damage dealers, while others are healers! Some Beastforms like to shield, and others like to steal! Choose your Beastform based on how you like to play or try them all!

Actaeon waits in the Hall of Beasts to sell you Beastform Battle Cards. Battle Cards can only be used once and may be critical to your success in winning.

Beastforms are designed to be part of a team, so don’t travel alone. Communicate with your teammates to pick a Beastform that works with your team’s strategy!

Battle Arena Maps


As you explore the maps, there are several important features:
  • Battle Rings - Capture Battle Rings to earn points for your team. Each map has five Battle Rings, each with its own symbol (Sun, Moon, Star, Eye, and Spiral!).
  • Pip Wisps – These are collected outside of combat to increase the number of Pips you have when combat starts. Beastforms can carry between 0-3 starting Pips.
  • Health Wisps - If you are low on health, you can heal by using Health Wisps. The Health Wisps don’t wander as they do other places in the Spiral. They are found hidden in the Arena Map and in the Hall of Beasts.
  • Beastmoon Chests - Open these chests to get Battle Coins and Battle Cards.


Another unique feature to Beastmoon Hunt is a mini-map found at the top-right of your screen! This mini-map shows the layout of the Arena, including where each Battle Ring is, and which team has control over that Battle Ring. You can also see where your teammates are and if they are in combat!

There are several different maps. Get to know their layouts and you will be victorious!

How to Win


There are two teams per match, Red and Blue. Your goal is to be the first team to reach 100 points. Teams of 5-6 Wizards face each other in a classic contest of Domination. Each Team gains points by defeating opponents and capturing Battle Rings in the arena.

Battling the other Team and capturing a Battle Ring is worth 10 Points! Your Team gets 1 Bonus Point for each Battle Ring it controls when another is captured. This means that you want to control AND keep as many as possible. The Spiral Battle Ring is special and not open at the start of the match, but it gives your Team 20 Points when captured!

Communication is the key to victory! Chat is only visible to your Team, so chat with your teammates to devise a winning strategy!

Match Rewards


When the match is over: win, lose or draw, you get a variety of rewards!
  • Lunari - This is a Beastmoon Hunt currency which can be spent to acquire new Beastforms, make them more powerful and to buy Crafting Reward Recipes. You can have a MAX of 5,000 Lunari.
  • Thread – This is used for crafting Event Gear, and can be found in all sorts of places, including the progress bar, plants, and match rewards.
  • Moonstones – Moonstones are used to make your Beastforms more powerful or to craft Beastmoon Seeds.
  • Beastmoon Seeds – Plant Beastmoon Seeds and Harvest the Blossom plants to get all sorts of goodies like Battle Coins, Idols, and Moonstones.
  • And other rewards!

In order to use these rewards to improve your favorite Beastform and craft different Event Rewards, you need to visit the Arena found in Unicorn Way!

Beastmoon Hunt at the Arena

To quickly teleport to the Arena while a Beastmoon Hunt Event is active, simply click on the Gamma icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, select the Beastmoon Hunt Event, and then click on the icon in the bottom center of the screen to teleport directly to the Event:


You should now be in the Arena!

You will find the following important Beastmoom Hunt vendors and upgrade stations:
  • Actaeon – This character sells recipes for both craftable Rewards as well as different Beastmoon Seeds.
  • Beastform Upgrades – You can use this scroll to upgrade all of your Beastforms.
  • Beastmoon Seed Cultivator – Use this to craft a variety of Beastmoon Seeds with different Moonstones.
  • Artemis New Moon – Talk to this character to get other useful information about the Beastmoon Hunt.

Upgrading your favorite Beastforms


You can improve your favorite Beastforms by upgrading their Level and Tier.

A Beastform’s Level is upgraded using Moonstones and Lunari. Higher Level Beastorms have access to new spells and increased deck and hand counts. Upgrading your Beastform’s Level early puts you in the best position for victory! Level upgrades are temporary and reset at the end of each Event.

A Beastform’s Tier is upgraded using Beastform Idols and Lunari. A Beastform’s Tier determines what Level that Beastform has at the start of an Event. Using the Beastform’s Gold Idol to upgrade its Tier for the first time ensures you can play that Beastform in every event! Additional Tier upgrades use normal Idols for that Beastform. Tier upgrades are permanent and remain from Event to Event.

Keep an eye out on the Beastmoon Hunt Progress Bar or the Scroll of Fortune for the Gold Idol of your favorite Beastform!

Beastmoon Blossoms

Planting and harvesting various Beastmoon Blossoms is an important part of upgrading Beastforms and crafting Event Gear.

Beastmoon Blossoms may only be grown in Beastmoon Planters, which you get as a reward after finishing your first Match. Place the Beastmoon Planters in your house or dorm room and plant the Beastmoon Seeds. These plants grow faster than normal plants, so be sure to check them after each match.

When you harvest your Beastmoon Blossoms, you may get the following rewards:
  • Moonstones - There are different rarities of Moonstones, which are used to upgrade Level. You need to harvest the rarest Beastmoon Blossoms to get the rarest Moonstones!
  • Beastform Idols - Not the Gold Idols! Only the rarest Beastmoon Blossoms yield these Beastform Idols!
  • Battle Coins – As mentioned earlier, Battle Coins are used to purchase Battle Cards from Actaeon in the Hall of Beasts.


To get recipes for different Beastmoon Seeds, first visit Actaeon in the Arena:

Go to the Seed Tab:


If you’ve been planting and harvesting your Beastmoon Blossoms, you should have enough Moonstones to buy the Element Moon Seed Recipe and the Spirit Moon Seed Recipe.

To craft the Seeds, go to the Beastmoon Seed Cultivator:


And create an Elemental Moon Seed and Spirit Moon Seed:


Plant and harvest the Beastmoon Blossoms which relate to your favorite Beastform. For example, if you want to upgrade the Tier of the Death Fairy Beastform, you need to buy the recipe for the Death Moon Seed. When you harvest the Death Moon Blossom, you may get Beastmoon Idols for Death School Beastforms, including the Death Fairy. Continue to plant and harvest those Beastmoon plants until you have enough Moonstones or Idols to upgrade your Beastform’s Level or Tier!

Let the Battles Begin!

If you’ve read this far, you are a true Beastmoon Hunt warrior, congratulations! There’s a lot more to discover about the Beastmoon Hunt. Occasionally we will introduce new Beastforms and other gameplay content, including additional maps to play on. You can explore the in-game help pages for more info on each feature when the event is running, and don’t forget to ask your fellow players for tips and strategies!

For more information about the Beastmoon Hunt, watch our latest dev diary video below:

Community Guides

For additional strategies and gameplay tips, see The Beginners Guide to the Beastmoon Hunt by Final Bastion and Master the Beastmoon Hunt by Frostcaller.

Also be sure to visit the Community Guides page for even more community gameplay tips from around the Spiral!

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