2017 Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

New Day of the Dead Additions to
Your Favorite Halloween Pack

Bring the celebration with festive All Souls items, Frakenbunny Bride Pet, Giraffe Ears, Unicorn Hair and more! Add some spice to your Halloween.


Updated Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack!

This updated Day of the Dead inspired Halloween pack has new items (plus items from last year) that your wizard has a chance of receiving including...

  • All Souls Pegasus Mount
  • Frakenbunny Bride Pet
  • All Souls Gear Sets
  • All Souls Calavera Wands*
  • ...and Many More Wicked Items!

*Note: There is a slight issue with the All Souls Cranium Wands set. They currently offer four wand attack spells instead of the intended six. This will be updated in an upcoming update to Wizard101. Thank you for your patience.