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Everyone is talking about Wizard101! We at KingsIsle are honored each time someone takes the time to review our Wizard101 game. Browse the game review excerpts below or click to read the full article - either way we hope they give you an idea about the family friendly entertainment that is Wizard101!


Wizard101 Review: Cross Generational Magic

"Let me start right off the bat with this: Wizard101 is a family-friendly, kid-centered MMO. This re-review of W101 is going to focus on those two facts and the niche into which the game fits so perfectly. While there is no question that W101 has a lot to give to adult players, even hardcore MMO players, the fact remains that gameplay is designed to be attractive to and easy to learn for all ages from kindergarteners to octogenarians."


MMObility: Ten terrific titles for this nifty new netbook

"Who could go wrong with a fully downloadable, fully voice-acted MMO that will run on a toaster? The very first time I visited the studios of KingsIsle, the maker of Wizard101, I brought my old netbook with me. I was having issues fitting it to the 600-pixel-tall screen, but one of the coders came in and adjusted a config file and got me in the game. The game is not just for kids. Not at all."


Best Free MMOs: Sports, Simulation, Family

"Step aside, Harry Potter: Wizard 101 is an MMO game that casts players as students of the magic arts. Students can choose to align themselves with one of several schools, including Ice, Fire, Storm, Life, Myth, Balance, and Death (which is where the “troubled kids” go)."


MMORPG Wizard101 Game Review

Wizard 101 is a children’s MMO created by Kingsisle Entertainment but one of the most engaging MMOs I have yet to come across. Playing a young wizard, you are going to school and having adventures in Wizard City and its surrounds. [...] If you’ve ever wished to be a young wizard wielding a wand, going to school for Conjuration or Transformation, learning from the different schools and engaging in spell duels, you might find this game intriguing.


Game Shark Wizard101 Game Review

You can download Wizard 101 and try it out for free. [...] In Wizard 101 you play as a boy or girl and during character creation, answering a few questions determines your magic school. There are seven available: fire, ice, storm, life, myth, balance, and death; each has its pros and cons.


Geek Dad Wizard101 Game Review

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer game that really deserves the moniker of being "fun for the whole family." The gist of the game is that you are a young wizard in training who is sent off into the many worlds of the Spiral to stop an evil wizard’s plans to destroy..well, everything.


GameStats Wizard101 Game Review

Wizard101 is a multiplayer, online adventure game designed to be safe and enjoyable for audiences of all ages. Players can experience a Wizard's journey from learning how to control and use magic to exploring far off places and using your magic to save others from harm. It's all about you and your choices.

null Wizard101 Game Review

It's refreshing to see a game that concentrates on doing a few things well, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. Wizard101 is not only a game your entire family might enjoy, it's a title that a lot of games designed for adults could learn something from.


WarCry Network Wizard101 Game Review

Based on my favored "scoring system", Wizard101 earns a "Get it Now" award with the caveat that you might find yourself playing this over other more "mature" titles. But There's no reason, as I always say, to take MY word for it. Wizard101 is free to play so wake up your inner child and check it out.


Common Sense Media Wizard101 Game Review

[Wizard101 is a] Magical MMO where kids learn to become wizards. Game gift cards are also available at various retail outlets. This allows parents to structure a reward system for their kids and many families do play this game together.


Geek Dad Wizard101 Game Review

They’ve been playing Wizard 101 happily ever since. My twins tend to try new stuff, play it to death and move on. But they haven’t shown any signs of being bored yet. For those who haven’ t tried it yet, Wizard 101 is multi-player online role-playing game from KingsIsle Entertainment.


Beta Game Zone Wizard101 Game Review

[Wizard101] draws you in with charming graphical elements, then hooks you with addictive gameplay. Borrowing from a wide range of sources, from the Wizard of Oz to Harry Potter, Wizard101 is the tale of a young wizard – you – found among the realms and brought to Wizard City for training.


Kill Ten Rats Wizard101 Game Review

What do you get when you mix ToonTown Online, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and a Trading Card Game? Wizard101. Note: This game is targeted mainly at the pre-teen age group, but I strongly suspect there will be plenty of adults playing.

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