The Five B.O.X.E.S. Event

Now through January 31st, 2017

The Professor, a strange but friendly Samaritan from outside the normal flow of time, has determined a handful of crisis points in the history of the Spiral! Someone, or something, is threatening to unravel much of what we know as true and fact – by nudging certain events, twisting others, and threatening to destroy yet more, this force puts Wizard City and all worlds of the Spiral at risk!

Seek out the Professor in Wizard City, and in Marleybone, and in MooShu, and in Zafaria, and in Avalon, and see what he has to say! Are these events happening at the same time? Perhaps. Yet if all are not solved, this dark force may prevail! Wizard, help the Professor ensure that the history of the Spiral is preserved in the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event!

Ready to Play? Let's Get Started!

You can start speaking to the Professor at any location as long as your Wizard is at the appropriate level. These quests can be completed in any order you desire.

  • If you are 10th level or above, Talk to The Professor in the Wizard City Commons
  • If you are 30th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Marleybone's Regent's Square
  • If you are 40th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Mooshu’s Jade Palace
  • If you are 60th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Zafaria’s Baobab Crossroads
  • If you are 80th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Avalon’s Caliburn

What will I gain from this adventure?

Ultra Summer Update! After seeing all the neat furniture inside the Five B.O.X.E.S. event, players requested furniture from the event be added so they could put them in their houses. Good news! We added several of these exclusive furniture items as recipes. Get them from Rose Piper now before time runs out!

Besides a new journey though the Spiral, what does your Wizard have to gain from the Five B.O.X.E.S.? How about the first craftable mounts, the Digmoore Pogo Stick & Ravenwood Pogo Stick! Plus the Professor will lead you to epic rewards for your Wizard.