Fishing Tournament

On June 14-16 and June 21-23, catch as many fish as you can!

The Winners!

June 2019's KI Live presented the winners of this year's Fishing Tournament! Congrats to the following skilled anglers:

The Mystic Fishing Bundle and 30,000 Crowns went to the following lucky Wizards each weekend who caught the following...

The most Epic fish
Week 1: Julia SkyVault w/110 by a margin of over 90 fish!
Week 2: Brand Flame w/9

The most Rare fish
Week 1: Julia RainbowShade w/416
Week 2: Sestiva DeathBringer w/145

The widest variety of fish (can you catch them all?!)
Week 1: Valkoor ShadowCaster and Blaze DarkBringer w/178
Week 2: Iridian StormBlade w/90

We also offered the Mystic Fishing Bundle and up 5,000 Crowns to those who angled up...

The most Dekoi type fish
Week 1: Iridian WillowGlen w/138
Week 2: Michael MythBlade w/118

The smallest Jellyfish type fish
Week 1: Katherine w/11.746002 inches
Week 2: Richard Head w/11.60249 inches

The smallest Eel type fish
Week 1: Victoria DreamDreamer w/11.769166 inches
Week 2: Andrew DawnCrafter w/11.97462 inches

The largest Codfather
Week 1: Brianna WinterPetal w/37.243778 inches
Week 2: Calamity HexCloud w/36.91005 inches

The largest Todd Pole
Week 1: Noah EarthGarden w/42.420807 inches
Week 2: Alex Rider w/42.00359 inches

Congrats all! Thank you for participating in this latest contest. It was a blast to setup!

The Tournament

‘Ello there, Wizards! Lucky Hookline here with an amazin’ opportunity an’ a fun event happening right here in Wizard101! We’re havin’ ourselves another fishin’ tournament and everyone’s invited!

Here’s what ya need ta’ do to win the catch of the year. Starting at Midnight Central time on June 14-16 for “Fishing Fun Weekend 1” and again on June 21-23 for “Fishing Fun Weekend 2”, we’re offering big prizes for the best fishers of certain types of fish as noted below. No need to report to us what you caught, we'll have it all tallied up automatically.

Get your box and tackle ready and claim your fame as the best fisher in the Spiral!

  • Only fish that are acquired by players during the two weekends mentioned above will count toward the total. Any pre-existing fish will not count.
  • This contest is open to all (not just members).
  • Fish are counted per character, not per account.
  • You may sell your fish or put them in your player housing after you acquire them.
  • If you want (not required), screenshot any of your caught fish, or you simply fishing, and share them on Twitter and Facebook @Wizard101. We may show your screenshot on this month’s KI Live!

What to Catch

The Mystic Fishing Bundle and 25,000 Crowns will go to the three lucky Wizards each weekend who catch one of the following:

  • The most Epic fish
  • The most Rare fish
  • The widest variety of fish
    (can you catch them all?!)

We’ll also be offering the Mystic Fishing Bundle and 10,000 Crowns to those who get:

  • The most Dekoi type fish
  • The smallest Jellyfish type fish
  • The smallest Eel type fish
  • The largest Codfather
  • The largest Todd Pole

Winners will be announced on June 27 on KI Live. They will be notified by email and prizes will be awarded a few days after the show. Some of the entrant’s screenshots will also be posted on social media and in the next newsletter.

Capture a Screenshot

For all Wizards, regardless of participation in the contest, capture a screenshot this month with your fishing friends and we might show it off on KI Live!

  • Set your computer’s graphics settings as high as they can go, and ensure the resolution is maxed (preferably 1920x1080 if you have the option).
  • For screenshot captures, even if the game runs slow at this point, all that matters for the contest is a nice still screenshot.
  • For video captures, videos must be no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Frame the shot for “wow factor” impact. Consider lighting conditions.
  • Feel free to include some friends in the shot for added social flair.
  • Use can also use Photomancy to remove the UI. Press the ‘Z’ key. For manual capturing, press Ctrl+G to turn off screen icons for a cleaner look.
  • Be unique and show us something unexpected!

Contact if you have Qs about this contest. Good luck, anglers!