Fishing Tournament

From September 10-12th, catch as many fish as you can!

The Winners!

Congrats to the following skilled anglers for winning in the Summer 2021 Fishing Tournament!

The Mystic Fishing Bundle and 30,000 Crowns went to the following lucky Wizards who caught the following...

The most Epic fish: Alex MoonThief with 590 caught

The most Rare fish: Jack FireTail with 709 caught

The widest variety of fish:

A triple tie between John Cloud, Michael, and Cameron SandBlade with 198 types caught! Each winner will receive the category's full prize amount.

  And the Mystic Fishing Bundle and up to 10,000 Crowns went to...

The most Dekoi type fish: Patrick with 252 caught

The smallest Jellyfish type fish: Elizabeth RosePetal at 22.756 inches

The smallest Eel type fish: Brian WaterSpear at 11.553 inches

The largest Codfather: Saffron SpellThief at 37.340 inches

The largest Todd Pole: Ryan LifeBloom at 42.397 inches

This year we also are adding a surprise 10 Honorable Anglers to receive 2,500 each as thanks for participating in the event!

Honorable Anglers

  • Gavin EarthMender
  • Jason ShadowMancer
  • Kane LionHeart
  • Mackenzie GriffinWeaver
  • Madeline DreamThief
  • Mary SeaBreeze
  • Michelle
  • Monica ShadowThorn
  • Trevor GoldBane
  • Wolf ShadowFlame

All winners, please contact us at using your game account's registered email address and we'll get you your prizes.

Congrats all! Thank you for participating in this latest contest. It was a ton of fun for us to coordinate and see all of the screenshots on social media at #Wizard101Fishing!

The Tournament

‘Ello there, Wizards! Lucky Hookline here with an amazin’ opportunity an’ a fun event happening right here in Wizard101! We’re havin’ ourselves another fishin’ competition and everyone’s invited!

Here’s what ya need ta’ do. Through September 10-12th weekend, we’re offering big prizes for the best anglers of certain types of fish as noted below.

Get your box and tackle ready, practice fish while you wait for the event to begin, and then claim your fame as the best fisher in the Spiral!

  • Only fish that are acquired during the event weekend will count toward the total.
  • This contest is open to all (not just members).
  • Fish are counted per character, not per account.
  • You may sell your fish or put them in your player housing after you acquire them.
  • If you want (not required), screenshot your caught fish or you simply fishing, and share it on social media. We may show your screenshot on this month’s KI Live! See below for details.

What to Catch

The Mystic Fishing Bundle and 30,000 Crowns will go to the three Wizard anglers who catch one of the following...

  • The most Epic fish
  • The most Rare fish
  • The widest variety of fish
    (can you catch them all?!)

We’ll also be offering the Mystic Fishing Bundle and 10,000 Crowns to those who get one of the following:

  • The most Dekoi type fish
  • The smallest Jellyfish type fish
  • The smallest Eel type fish
  • The largest Codfather
  • The largest Todd Pole

Winners will be announced between September 13-17th, and also on KI Live. They will be notified and prizes awarded by email.

Capture a Screenshot (Optional)

For all Wizards, regardless of participation in the contest, capture a screenshot this month with your fishing friends and we might show it off on KI Live!

  • Set your computer’s graphics settings as high as they can go, and ensure the resolution is maxed (preferably 1920x1080 if you have the option).
  • For screenshot captures, even if the game runs slow at this point, all that matters for the contest is a nice still screenshot.
  • For video captures, videos must be no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Frame the shot for “wow factor” impact. Consider lighting conditions.
  • Feel free to include some friends in the shot for added social flair.
  • Use can also use Photomancy to remove the UI. Press the ‘Z’ key. For manual capturing, press Ctrl+G to turn off screen icons for a cleaner look.
  • Be unique and show us something unexpected!
  • Share your screenshots on social media using #Wizard101Fishing and @Wizard101.

Event Rules

  • Our internal count of fish caught will end on 11:59pm CT on the date above.
  • Only the fish caught per angler count for that angler.
  • If you are under 13 years of age, ask a parent or guardian permission to participate.
  • Fishing elixirs are allowed (use the one we provided from the birthday code!)


Q: Can I sell my fish I caught?

A: Yes, we keep track, so you don't have to keep them.

Q: Is there a way to see the progress of other players?

A: Unfortunately it's all internal tracking, we don't have a leaderboard setup :(.

Q: Am I able to win in more than one category?

A: We will be selecting the top winner once in their top ranked category.

Q: When does the contest run for in its entirety?

A: Contest runs from Midnight CST Sep. 10th to 11:59pm CST Sep. 12th.

@Wizard101 on social media, respond to this forum post, or email if you have any event questions.

Good luck, anglers!