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Destiny SpellGiver has written the story of Professor Cyrus Drake!
After Malistare's plan to revive his wife AND take over the spiral fails (also after xibalba) profesor Cyrus Drake sends mistyriouly all conjurers to Malistare's old Lair for some reason AND without Headmaster Ambroso Knowing. After a few days all the conjurer return to raven wood but they are diferent they do not speack to anyone but them selves profesor Ambrose notices AND sends to investigate the only conjurer that still seems normal after some spying she sees that Cyrus has gone EVIL.!

William Frostblade has written the story of Morganthe!
Long ago... Morganthe's parent's kingdom was so full of life, wonder, & magic. The great titans weren't happy with what the great and powerful parents of Morganthe had. They wanted to sieze power & crush any ruler that lived in the spiral. Years after Malory was born the great & powerful titans clashed down and destroyed the ancient world of which Morganthe & her brother lived. Just when she was a kid, her parents were losst in the bloody battle. Morganthe now lives in darkness & has been lost.

Dylan FrostHammer has written the story of Malistaire!
As soon as you beat Malistaire again, He gets into rage mode. Malistaire travels back to his home (wherever that is) and gathers his daughter and son, Miranda and Mark. Together the three take over the newest world (which is fake) Palagia. Palagia is a new world where almost everything is dead. It is a very dangerous world to be roaming around picking dead flowers. Who will be the first one to beat Malistaire's daughter and son, Miranda and Mark. WILL IT BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Stardreamer has written the story of Gamma!
Once you defeat Morganthe, you will reach a world and see Gamma. You complete quests and find out his twin brother is the main boss. When dueling him he summons Gamma. Gamma is actually the main boss.

Brianna Dragonflame has written the story of Bartleby!
After Bartleby told me what Malistare always does to him the next night i heard voices and found Malistare going out of Bartleby(spiral door) and forced him to duel with me, he agreed after i said it the 100 time but i found out where his eye is i saw Malistares minion holding it i won but Malistare left and left Bartleby's lost eye, i said to him that it is his but when i looked at his eye's and felt that Bartleby is happy.And Bartleby told me- you will win Malistare and Morganthne with friends

Rachel Daisyward has written the story of Penny Dreadful!
As soon as Penny received her package she sent a Iris message to her parents in Marley bone telling how she was allergic! They were sad they made a mistake like they did. So she felt bad. She talked to Bartleby and he recommended he going to Marleybone to visit her parents! She left the next day in confusion. As soon as she arrived at Marleybone she could smell the city! She approached her doorstep anxiously and her parents greeted her with a hug! She walked inside and they already made cookies!

Andrew Greenrider has written the story of Gamma!
Before time, Gamma was born under the wings of Mother Goose. She had a grimaced face when she had Gamma, seeing she gave birth to a owl. She sent a letter to every wizard and only one person took Gamma, Merle. He trained Gamma up to mega, and higher maybe! He went to a secret shop hidden behind the hatchery to buy clothes for his owl, and Gamma was a success! He casted a spell so Gamma could talk, and now he is what he is today! Now he is know as Merle's great partner and the story continues...

Taylor Ogresong has written the story of Lydia Greyrose!
Lydia Greyrose is the proffesor of Ice magic of Ravenwood. She is the legendary 'Tooth Fairy'. She had a pretty good magic when she sneaked into the children's room and they elected her as the Ice proffesor in Ravenwood. She now is the person that helps you in Ice studies. She is very friendly and pacient.

Joseph EarthFountain has written the story of Merle Ambrose!
For Merle, little did he knew about the secret gate in Haunted Cave. Many students at Ravenwood reported to him that the activity in there is probably suspicious, but Merle just ignored it. Transfer students from the mysterious realm of Oasis also told him about it. Yet again, he looked away. But then a few days later, Pigswick students on a holiday came to him and said that they passed the gate their 2 companions disappeared. Merle Ambrose was shocked. All they told him that there is a skull.

Colin SparkleHeart has written the story of Dworgyn!
Dworgyn came from a poor village, from the witch hunting days. Being constantly made fun of for his humped back, and having bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Dworgyn became depressed. He hung out at the graveyard often and started befriending the undead when a powerful casted a spell one day to animate the dead. He got interested in death magic and moved off to study at RavenWood. With his depression over, he became one of RavenWood's top death students, and finally, the death assistant.

Seth Ghostrider writes the story of Bartleby!
Bartlebey lost his eye fighting against the titans. He was one the demigods that teamed up with the gods to defeat the titans. Bartleby wasnt the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he knew what he was doing. Well so did the leader of the titans Kronos. Kronos give Bartleby a fave full of fist. Bartleby came back up swinging. He punched Kronos in the knee but that didnt help. It just hurt him again. Then it was Kronos' turn again.He grabbed bartlby by his feet anf flung him to the ground. THE END.

Taylor Swift writes the story of Lady Blackhope!
I went up to Lady Blackhope and we began a battle with the pirate.I used a Imp and a Life card.I am a life wizard.She is red and white.When I used those things,she was defeated.

Mark shadowstaff writes the story of Tezcat Threestar!
One day, Tezcat threestar, one of the great mystics of Azteca, spoke with his avian friend, Pacal Redmask. They spoke of the ancient Aztecasaur civilizations on skull island, and decided to fly there. They built a great raft, sailed around the comet Xibalba, and through a stormgate. As they rode the spiral, they saw their world behind them, and their comet spelling inevitable doom. It would be soon before Xibalba destroys the last stormgate in Azteca. Not long after Tezcat and Pacal found...

Isabella Iceglade writes the story of Mayor Pimsbury from Marleybone!
After having his city attacked from the evil Malistaire and his accomplices, the mayor advances Marleybone's security and upgrades his prisons. He also adds quite a few Promethean wizards as guards. The mayor makes sure every person who enters his city from the spiral door is clean and does not have any weapons that may harm his fair place. He also checks if they were sent from Merle because there are many more cats who are reeking havoc in Marleybone. Good luck, Mayor!

Noah Lighthaven writes the story of Penny Dreadful!
After Penny reward's us with a pet for are effort in helping her she goes on to learn stronger deaths spells like skeletal pirate and wraith she encounters Malistaire when he was supposivley stopped and is forced to battle him sadly she loses cause he resisted all her spells she is held captive and he uses her to get something he wants from headmaster Ambrose. The book of secret spells! With that book he flees to an unknown world and is now more powerful than ever! Can anyone stop him!

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