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How have someone helped you in Wizard101?

I have met many wonderful people in the game, but most remarkable two people I met were Amy and Nicholas TitanSlinger which helped me with much! TY :)
Terri Spell

Well, Sophia Lifestone was very generous and helped me finish my quests in Drangonspyre and with Malistare. I am very grateful for that. Thx Sophia!
Benjamin TitanSteed

Helping me beat the Harvest Lord so many years ago. I was about to give up on the game because he was too difficult, but then a friend helped out.
Andrew Firecorn

Always being there for me, whenever i need help he's there, whenever im bored hes there, and he's always friendly, is always asking me if I need help.
Monica Ashstalker

Increasing my experience. The wizard named,Christina,she help me with the BOSSES. She was totally incredible and friendly.Love my friends.
Destiny Soulheart

In the Tomb of the Beguiler, a few wizards helped me complete the quest and save the Manders. I couldn't have finished it without you all. Thank you!
Valdus Darkbane

I had to defeat the last boss in Zafaria and two other players was going in and they said they would help me and we got it done. It was amazing.
Paige IceSlinger

Teleporting to me during a battle, while other refused to. It was a very hard battle in Winter-tusk, the boss had 4000 health.
Amber HawkThorn

This one time, I was very close to dying at the end of a dungeon, but my friends quickly finished their battle and came to help me. Love my friends!
Stephanie FrostWielder

I am very fortunate to know Monica DragonHeart because she helps me all the time, I just wanted to let her know how much I am grateful for her help!
Malvin LifeDreamer

Many players helped me develop both my accounts. Especially in the month of October, in the Halloween towers. THANK YOU GUYS! I owe you a lot! :)
Alex Willow

When I was wondering in Olde Town I seen a quest. I called my friends but they would not come but someone came out of nowhere and helped me defeat him.
Blake Shadowfist

His name is Flint, he helped me by always being there for me. From fighting hard bosses in impossible dungeons to just goofing around!
Erin Dune

Fred Battleblade has helped so many wizards in the spiral. He helps by taking time from his quests to help me complete mine! A great wizard and friend
Tara Moonflame

My best friend, Reed Nightbreaker, was with me all through Avalon; I admit, I had some trouble in Avalon, but I did it all because of my best friend.
Lucas Stormglade

When i was newer to the game, an ice wizard taught me alot about deck construction. Without him, i never would have been able solo malistaire twice.
Garrett FireFountain

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