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Greeting Cards to Your Professors!

Happy Holidays Professor Falmea!

Thank you so much for teaching me new, flamey spells over the years!

Stay Fiery,
Jack Swiftrunner

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for the astronomical oppurtunity to explore the crooks and nannies of the Spiral and fight of Evil-Doers!
- From Christopher WinterCaller

to dworgyn its necromancer thank you for teaching me all types of spells it was a great pleasure for all the epic awesone spells thank you.
- From Johnathon Battlehunter

Dear Mr. Balestrom,

You teach me so many powerful storm spells. You are always happy. And you are my favorite professor. Merry Christmas !
- From Grace

Thank you Lydia Greyrose, for being the best Ice teacher any Ice Wizard could ever had! It's your best Ice A+ Student of the class Angel Ice!
- From Angel Ice

Hi Proffessor Falmea!
Just wishing you a fiery, hot holidays! Hoping you a snow free holiday season
- Caitlin Frostcloud (pyromancer)

YOU ARE SO AWESOME, thank you for starting Raven wood - this game is so awesome that I'm addicted... in a good way of course - So what school are you?
- Cheesecake

it's geting close to that time of the year, happy holiday's and cheer, hope you have a very mary christmas and a happy new year.
- benjamin iron smith

Thanks for the great quests that you to every student in Ravenwood because I comeleted them for you are got spells from my professor.
- Stephen Death Hammer

Thank you Professor, for always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face! You are by far my favorite teacher! Happy Holidays!
- Suri Shadowblood

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