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Which school is your favorite?

Joshua StormBlade's favorite magic school is Balance!
My favorite school is Balance because this school has no resistance from other schools. Even if you cast a spell, no one can weaken it, except by casting tower shield, weakness or stop it with unbalance. Balance may be weak, but for me it is the best school. Another reason why this is my favorite school is because you can use other schools also.

Ryan NightShard's favorite magic school is Life!
My favorite school is life. I like life because it's the very essence of everything. The trees, animals, and even us! We are all part of life. Even though life has it's weaknesses, life wizards can always heal up. They are also kind(most of the time) and instead of death wizards, life wizards can heal others instead of just themselves. That is why life is my favorite school.

Liam SpellCaster's favorite magic school is Myth!
Today i will be talking about myth and all it's super awesome upsides and super un cool down sides Ok here is my essay on my favorite school ready here we go Myth ROCKS because it's cool spell animations and hit accuracy 9/10 spells work but our health isn't too big and we don't have much power in healing our selves which isn't good so i usually have all the pixie spells i can use and i also battle things in a group we are the rag tags anyway myth is my fave school because of all it

Blaze Emerald's favorite magic school is Storm!
I like the Storm school because of the challenge. All schools have a weakness, and it's more obvious in some schools compared to others. In Storm, health and accuracy are a problem. The fun part is strategizing against these weaknesses, which is really fun for Storm! Our weakness seems more noticeable than other schools, so we end up better strategists, and end up with power. In other schools like death, battles are a breeze. But in Storm battles, challenges are anywhere, and that's AWESOME!! :D

Edward RavenBringer's favorite magic school is Ice!
Ice, reminds me of snow, snow reminds me of winter, and winter reminds me that i'm born on a snowy day! Snow (a.k.a Ice) is the most exciting part of the year. I also like Ice, because it is my type of school. I always say "The best defense, is the best offense!". Full of shields, lots of resist (critical resist as well ), and intermediate accuracy, Ice easily tops all schools for me! The snowy creatures may not do much damage, but they will keep you safe! And that's why Ice, is my fav school!

Andrew FireForge's favorite school is Ice:
I like the school of ice for several reasons. My first reason is that one of the colors for ice is blue which is my favorite. I also enjoy ices high life and defense which allows me to make a mistake without killing myself. I also really enjoy the spells like frost giant and ice wyvern.

Sarah Unicornflower's favorite school is Ice:
Its just so much fun to be in winter all the time! And its fu nto be really strong against spells! And any Ice witch or wizard will tell you that if your in trouble then we'll help you! we love all Schools of Magic! LOL!

Elizabeth's favorite school is Fire:
Fire is magic ,it will burn ablaze when needed.the fire cat scratches for strength ,the fire elf shoots his arrow for his take,the Phoenix will breath the fire of victory ,and theElephant will slay the enemies with might.Every time you cast a spell the fire will be ablaze .Enemies fear the fire will strike with dignity for I a fire wizard should know that if you will strike the fire will always defeat everything.

Angel SummerHaven's favorite school is Balance:
The concept of unification between the elements and the spirits is an exciting thought indeed.Sorcery allows you to use most schools and their attributes but doesn't give you full mastery over them.Some spells are actually based of the spells of other schools,it is the flawless bridge between the 6 magical arts.Sorcery comes from the ancient Krokotopians who mastered the elemental arts and combined them.Later,thanks to Niles and other cultures(like the ancient Aquilians)Spirit magic was added.

Patrick RoseRiver's favorite school is Life:
Life is my favorite school. We try and try again til we get something right. We are the most patience school, we build up our spells but they cost a lot of pips. But we can heal ourselfs. Truely there is no school like life. Life is one of the most useful schools. We are one of the best in group play can constanly heal other and ourselves. We could take down Morganthe herself if given a chance. Personally i think morganthe would try to trap us in a forcefield and use us in the song of creation.

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