Fan Screenshots

Our Wizard101 photo album has moved to Twitter and Facebook, and the Monthly Newsletters! There we showcase screenshots taken by our fans. If you would like to submit a picture, send the picture and your character name in an email to community@kingsisle.com

Please attach no more than three images per email. If you are under 13 years of age, ask your parent or guardian for permission to send us your screenshot. Digitally altered images will not be published.

How to take a Screenshot

Players can take a screenshot now using the Print Screen button on their keyboard. This will save the file in the C:/Program Files/KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard101/Bin folder (note this will capture your entire screen, so if you are running Wizard windowed, it will capture everything!). You will see the following text to let you know you took a screenshot.

You can also take a screenshot using your Print Screen button:
  1. While in the game, press Alt+PrtScn buttons
  2. Alt+Tab to desktop and start MSPaint or similar application
  3. Create new image file
  4. Press Ctrl+V or otherwise paste the clipboard content
  5. Save the file in a safe place you'll remember
Did you know...?

You can turn off items that display on your screen by pressing CTRL-G - this will allow you to take cleaner screenshots! Press CTRL-G to turn them back on when you're done though!