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The Quest of Vengeance by Garrett Dayhand

Garrett was playing with his toy wand and pet Orthrus. Thats when the alarms began to go off. The nearly 6 year old Prince Garrett was dazed by the sudden turn of events and was looking around worriedly. Then his mother grabbed him and made her way up to the spiral gate in the top of Cyclopsian Castle, home of the royal family. Just then Garretts father King Alex Jadeheart jumped out the window, broom in hand and flew towards the approaching Army of Malistaire. The Minotaurians had been planning for this day. They had practiced simulations of what to do. But they had greatly underestimated the size of Malistaires army.

“Don’t make a sound Garrett, dont let Malistaire know we’re here. Your big brother Morgrim and Daddy are off facing his army. Listen now, I am going to give you the last spiral key. With it you will be the sole survivor of our-”

As this was happening King Jadeheart jumped off his broom and gripping his staff he formed the Orthrus symbol and it exploded out of the ground preparing to rip Malistaire to pieces.

“Is that all?” Malistaire asked chuckling” I had expected more from you”. With that he formed 2 myth shields, 1 to block the first attack and 1 block the 2nd attack. When it was finished he cast a skeletal pirate, which hit the king head on blasting him out of the castle they were in.

“I-I won’t LOSE!!!!” He screamed as Malistaire descended. With that he formed the myth symbol and slammed the butt of his staff onto the ground. All of his blades giving him more power he created a huge tremble in the ground. “THAT’S WHY!!!!!!!!! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!”. With that he unleashed the huge surplus of power that the earthquake and the blades had give him, splitting the ground and shooting rocks at Malistaire. “Is that all, old man?” Malistaire cackled brushing the dust off his clothes “I guess I might as well finish you then”, he continued as he formed the death symbol and a wraith crawled out of the ground. It stood up walked over to the panting king and stole all his life essense. He turned back to Malistaire, gave the energy to him and collapsed in a pile of bones. With that Malistaire teleported outside the royal palace where Morgrim was waiting for him. By this point most of the buildings of the Minotaurians had been destroyed by the advancing draconian army.

“race”, the Queen continued. “Here is the essense of Myth, open this bottle on your sixteenth birthday. You will gain unprecedented power, far beyond anyone else of the Minotaurians” she said as she gave it to him. “I cant leave you Mommy!” Garrett cried.

“It’s the only way, you must train at Ravenwood so that someday you may avenge us by defeating Malistaire” she continued

Just then there was a scream outside that was obviously Morgrims followed by Malistaires cold laughter. Now Garretts mother took the spiral key, opened the door and pushed Garrett in.

“Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!” he cried as the last thing he saw was an explosion and his mothers scream. A second later everything was gone, replaced by birds chirping and students running to and from class. Garrett broke down and started weeping for his kingdown, his home, and his now deceased family.

Chapter 1: Life in Ravenwood

It was several hours before one of the teachers found him. It happened to be Cyrus Drake, Professor of Myth at Ravenwood Academy of Magic.

“What is your name , young wizard?”

“I-I, My name is Garrett Dayhand, Prince of Minotaurus”.

“That’s strange”, Cyrus continued “I seem to remember hearing you were being trained in your own home realm”. “That’s, just it… my homerealm had been attacked!!! I am lucky to be alive. We were invaded by Malistaire and-" With that Garrett explained everything that had happened, he broke down and started crying when he told Professor Drake about his family.

Not another one, Cyrus thought. That was the last royal realm out there, all the other schools had been destroyed too, but the difference was the students were already being trained at Ravenwood.

“Come with me Garrett”, Cyrus said while sighing “We must consult Headmaster Ambrose and then we will see if the Minotaurians legendary Myth skills are as powerful as the legends they say”

With that Cyrus teleported into Ambrose’s office and explained to him his story.

“Oh no”, Ambrose said “Not the last one, now all the royal dynasties are done… these young princes and princesses can’t assume the throne until they are 16, that’s also when their essences of magic can be opened” Now he turned back to Garrett “ I believe you will be needing the Epic Bundle, it is a mystical pack that contains many magical artifacts and armor”.

Ambrose disappeared into his study for a minute and then came back with dark blue and yellow armor, a spear with energy flowing out of the top, a strange type of hound and a flute.

“This armor”, Ambrose began “is a set rarely made. It is only to be worn by the royal students that attend Ravenwood. You will find that the armor greatly improves your spell damage, resistance and power pip chance once you start on your journey to becoming powerful enough to defeat Malistaire. Make no mistake; you won’t be able to defeat him alone. You will need the help of other students if we are ever to defeat him. However this armor should help you greatly. Over time the power of this armor will increase with your own as well. You will find it gives you the ability to cast spells of different schools”

“Thank-thank you, sir” Garrett responded “I will represent my realm with honor”.

“I am sure you will. This hound is a Fierce Hound. It is bred from mixing all the powers of the Spirit schools together into a hound’s body. You fill find as you train it to Epic level It will assist you in battle by casting spirit spells. Now before you go, here is a flute. Go to the Myth tower and blow in it. You will summon the Great Gryphon. It is bound to the highest ranking Myth wizard alive and will be yours to keep until the day you die" Ambrose continued

“I will headmaster!” Garrett cried cheerfully running out his office.

Garrett headed to the myth tower immediately, and sure enough when he blew it a gryphon appeared out of the Power of Myth.

This is amazing! Garrett thought, Oh no, I’d better hurry to my Blood Bat lesson, I’ll be late!

Sure enough he was.

“Prince Dayhand, I know where you come from you are probably able to show up whenever you’d like, but here in Ravenwood it’s different! Only the strongest of the strong are allowed in my classroom. You will find only wizards with great potential are allowed to train under ME. So if you were looking for an easy school, walk out the door and go talk to Malorn Ashthorn. Now back to the introduction of Myth…” Cyrus lectured. Garrett sat in his assigned seat, embarrassed over such an accident in his first moment in class and began listening intently to his lecture of Myth. Although, when the Novices started their Blood Bat lesson Cyrus’s impression of Garrett would greatly change.

20 minutes later the Novices were pared up, Garrett was put with Ronan Ravenshard. Ronan went first. He was concentrating so hard his face turned red, then purple, final blue when attempted to cast blood bat. It fizzled. He tried it again. It fizzled.

“COME ON”!!!! Ronan screamed as he etched the spell one more time. With that it exploded out of nothing and flew at Garrett, biting and scratching him for a total of 85 damage.

Now it’s my turn Garrett thought. He mustered all his strength and using his wand etched the myth symbol and thought the incantation. On his first try he did it, a real impossibility for a novice and it flew towards Ronan. This blood bat was different. It was bigger and its coloring seemed a bit more ominous and powerful. It swooped at him and spun a tornado of mythic energy and finally causing it to explode. The little red symbol hung above Ronan’s head it read… it read…450!!!

Unbelievable! Thought Cyrus, no student has ever even gotten close to that on their first try, and without any blades. Clearly this student has great potential, maybe even to defeat Malistaire!

Meanwhile Ronan was laying there unconscious and Cyrus summoned a golem puppet. He raised his hand and took its health away, giving it to Ronan.

Unbelievable… Ronan thought, that attack one-shotted me, this one, he has to be… the Legendary Conjurer! On that note the class ended and Garrett took his gryphon out of his backpack, climbed on and flew down to his introduction to dueling. He entered the arena with a mixed group of wizards, all novices from different schools and took a seat as Diego began to lecture the class.

“Dueling goes back many generations… even when wizardry was first discovered wizards had an urge to prove themselves. They began dueling to show that they could hold their own in life and that they cou-…” Diego droned.

By this point Garrett was already bored and he started looking around the room. He met gazes with another royal student, Christina Stormhunter, but quickly looked away his face going red.

Eventually the lecture was over and they split up into teams of 4 to duel. Garrett was pared on a team with 3 other students: Christina Stormhunter (of storm), Mitchell Moontamer (of fire), and Alia Lotuspetal (of life . They were facing a Balance, Death Fire, and Ice combination and they began to duel. After barely a minute of dueling the other team all lay on the ground, defeated.

“Bravo! Bravo, my friends”! Diego cried “That was some of the best dueling ever for students at your level! I’ll have to recommend you to skip to Journeyman studies”!

“Yay”! they all cried.

By the end of the day those 4 students had done what no other students at Ravenwood had ever done; they became Journeymen in 1 day. With that Garrett teleported to his Massive Fantasy Palace and had a party with his new-found royal friends.

Chapter 2: Krokotopia

That had been some party, Garrett thought as he woke up. We must have been up the entire night.

“Oh no”! Garrett yelled out loud “I’m late for Ambrose”!

He jumped out of bed and instantly ported to the commons, barely remembering to change into his Prestigious armor. He sprinted into Ambrose’s office to see that Mitchell, Alia, Christina and another girl Garrett didn’t know yet were sitting down with Ambrose standing by his desk.

“Yes, now that we are all here I am pleased to inform you that your professors have agreed that all 5 of you are definitely ready to advance to Krokotopia, no matter where you are in your Wizard City quests. You all have been granted your up through your early Journeyman spells and are to report back to them when you are level 18. As it is you are starting on your level 17 quests, but I must warn you. Krokotopia is far more dangerous than Wizard City” Ambrose explained.

“How?” Christina rudely interrupted.

“You will find that monsters will now double up on you in the battle circles, they know that wizards are more powerful when they reach krokotopia and they strive themselves to become more powerful” Ambrose continued. “Wha-wha-what do you mean they’re more powerful” Garrett asked looking worried.

“The monsters, there are far more of them and they can use much more powerful spells than in Wizard City. Now off you go, I am wasting your time here while you can help liberate a world. Lastly you will return in the afternoon here for your normal instruction. Now off you go!” He finished handing them all spiral keys.

“Farewell Professor!” Alia called as the 5 wizards left for the commons. They all got onto their various mounts.

Christina was riding a Swift Shark(with a water helmet around its head so it could breathe). Mitchell was riding phoenix mount and didn’t seem alarmed at all that he was sitting on a fiery beast.

“Doesn’t that burn you?” she asked warily.

“Not at all. Us fire wizards learn fire immunity in Novice classes, don’t we Amber?” Mitchell asked to the new girl that Garrett knew must be Amber

“Yes, of course we do, we’re the fire school for crying out loud. How are we supposed to master a type of magic that burns us whenever we get near it” She replied as she tightened the straps of her Dark Redwing. “Here it is”, Garrett said with awe as he entered Bartleby. He took his spiral key and shoved it in the lock, making sure he had his Wizard City one too and turned. There was a blinding flash of light and Garrett walked into it, and then he was gone.

“Me next!” Mitchell called running into it behind Garrett.

Eventually all the wizards went through and saw that Krokotopia was a vast land of swirling sands and desert like conditions. They saw many pyramids, sphinxes and other monuments in the distance. For a few minutes they just gazed around taking in the difference in scenery from Wizard City.

“Hello there! Are you more wizards to help us? That’s perfect I’ll show you where to go, just follow me!” A dog called as he ran into a giant pyramid in the distance.

Garrett just shrugged and flew towards the pyramid blindingly trusting in the talking dog. All he had figured out in his time in Krokotopia was that it was going to be a very interesting and different place from what he was used too.

Over time the weeks blurred together for Garrett. Going back and forth from Wizard City to Krokotopia getting his experience that was needed for him to advance in his studies in myth. He chose life as his 2nd school and at the moment he was up to seraph now. He had recently learned Humungofrog and Cyclops minion as well and was progressing at the same speed as his friends, very fast for someone their age. Sadly the school year was reaching an end and Garrett was 6 and a half years old now and only in the Krokosphinx battling opponents in the Grand Arena with his friends. As school was winding down Garrett realized that he was easily Cyrus’s favorite student and he was already a veteran in pvp, thanks to advance dueling lessons he would always take with Diego. He had found out that Christina was the Princess of Storm, Alia was the Princess of Life, Amber was the Princess of Fire, and Mitchell was well, just Mitchell. He had also become good friends with Ronan Ravenshard, even though he was still an initiate. Meanwhile on the other side of the spiral things were going very badly.

“They’re ADEPTS already!” Malistaire yelled at his Draconian guards, “It’s impossible! The Nirini Family is useless! How can they not take care of a bunch of 6 year olds? I want the rest of the Tut’s down there now. Prepare an invasion for Krokotopia, we leave next October and another world will be ours!” With that he stormed out of the Great Spyre to the Forum to have a meeting with his head Draconians.

One thing was clear, and it was that these coming years would not be easy ones for Garrett Dayhand and his friends…

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