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The Story of Two Twin Wizards by Angela Lifeflower

This story begins on a place we all know as Earth. . .Some time ago, somewhere on North America, two fraternal twin, female Wizards were born. Their mother was Layla Lifeflower, and their father was Scott Ghostwhisper. Layla Lifeflower was a Life Wizard, and Scott Ghostwhisper was a Death Wizard. Layla loved to garden and be with nature, for as she was a Life Wizard. Scott loved reading ghost stories, and speaking to the dead, for as he was a Death Wizard.

The first one born was Scarlet, and then Angela. They were three minutes and fifty three seconds apart. The parents didn’t know what would happen if their children ever found out about Wizard City, so they decided to raise them as normal children, but they decided to raise them differently. Scott took Scarlet, and her last name was Ghostwhisper. Layla took Angela, and her last name was Lifeflower. Scarlet was just like their father, and Angela was just like their mother. But, both children felt two things missing from their lives. . .

One day, when both children were twelve, something, “special”, happened. . . Scarlet was mad at her teacher for giving them so much homework, that all of a sudden, she moved her hand like she had a wand in it, and all of a sudden, a Dark Fairy attacked her teacher! While that happened, Angela was in her garden, for as she was home schooled, and saw a dead flower. She gently lifted it up, and it turned back into a living flower! Scott was going to pick Scarlet up, and he looked thru her classroom window and saw what happed, as Layla watched Angela as she “fixed” the flower! That’s when Scott called Layla and told her what happened, and Layla did the same. They decided to take their children on a “trip” and meet up. Finally, when everyone was all together, Layla and Scott told Scarlet and Angela that they were Wizards. “Children, you have special powers. . . You are Wizards, and fraternal twins.. Your mother and I met up in Wizard City when were fifteen, and became the best of friends. As we got older, we fell in love. We decided to get married and have kids, but we didn’t know what would happen if you ever found out about Wizard City, so we decided when you were born, that I would take you, Scarlet, and your mother would take you, Angela.” Scott said. Then Scarlet said, “What?!!! So we’re. . .Wizards?!!!” And Layla replied, “Yes, you are. Angela, you’re a Life Wizard, and Scarlet, you’re a Death Wizard. I’m a Life Wizard and your father is a Death Wizard.”

Then they got in Scott’s car, and drove to his house. When they all got there, Scott took them all in a room that’s been locked since they were born. Inside was a portal. But the portal had a wooden door, looking theme. Scarlet and Angela were shocked, but both parents were expecting that from them. Then Scott said, “This is the portal to Wizard City.” Both girls raced to get to the portal first, and tried to push it open, but they couldn’t even budge it. Then Layla told them to step back, and she pulled out a large-ish, looking key and placed it in to portal door and turned it right twice, once left, then back right once again, and the portal’s wooden doors slid back. The children saw the inside of Wizard City and saw all types of Wizards! They were so excited, but Scott stopped them from going in and said, “Girls, Wizard City is another Realm and can be dangerous. We want you to be careful.” Both girls agreed and careful stepped inside, greeted by a very old man, with an eyeglass on his left eye, and an Owl with an eyeglass on it’s left eye, too. As soon as Scott and Layla stepped in, the very old man greeted them with a hug and said, “Welcome back, Scott and Layla! I’ve missed you two! You were both one of our greatest students! And these must be your children!” Layla and Scott both nodded, and then Layla said, “Yes, this is Angela and Scarlet. Angela’s a Life Wizard, and Scarlet is a Death Wizard.” “Are you sure on that? Are you sure you don’t want them to take the test?” said the very old man. Both parents nodded, while both Angela and Scarlet looked baffled. “Oops! I forgot to introduce myself to you two! I’m Headmaster Merle Ambrose.” Said the very old man. “You two will be enrolled here, and live your lives here. You will learn much about your powers, and other powers, as well.” Both parents said. “You need to grow up as Wizards, for as you are Wizards.” Headmaster Ambrose said.

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