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I'm having so much fun in Wizard City, I don't even know where to start. I've met more people than I could count, and my adventures have taken my all over the spiral. I started out as a young wizard helping the headmaster out with a problem wizard, and now, I've almost completed every single quest there is! Oh well, I need to go help Zafaria now. I'll see you soon, and I hope to find you on one of my many quests.
Amanda Emeraldeyes

Sorry I haven't been able to write lately. I've been busy saving the Spiral! It sounds crazy, but you really should get out of the house more. I got accepted into the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts recently, and I had too much Ice homework to do, so I couldn't write. My professor Lydia Greyrose heard me chatting with a few friends about you, and she says it would be nice if you joined our mission! See you in the Spiral!
Destiny Soultamer

I am having so much fun here in Wizard City, there is so much to do. Saving the city from Malistaire's minions, and growing cool new plants in my dorm. The pets here are cool too. they greet me when I get to my dorm, and dance for me. Sometime I have to scold them like when they mess the place up. then they pout in the corner. Not for long though, then we go to the pet pavilion for games and races. Why don't you come and see all the fun for yourself, you won't be disappointed!
Daniel Bearheart

Dear Samantha,
I'm having the greatest time here in Wizard City! There is so much to do here and i've made so many new friends. Mostly, I wander around helping whoever I can and attempt to learn new things. I met another girl here who reminds me of you. It makes me sad because I miss you and everyone else back home. I know you wouldn't want me to linger on the sad things, and you would want me to look up to the better parts of my enrollment, so I will. I wish you the very best (and wish you were here)
Vanessa Stormwraith

Greetings from Ravenwood! I just wanted to tell you how much fun i have been having here at Wizard City! Though i do miss you back on Earth. Once at the Commons(picture on the front) I met a person named Jared and he is so nice! WC is nothing like earth and you should come and visit!

You know how I moved away to Europe last summer? Let me tell you a secret. I was really discovered by a wise wizard named Merle Ambrose who said he found much magic in me. I have been having the time of my life, from collecting pets to fighting creatures, who will occaisionally give me a run for my money. It's so beautiful and I feel much closer to nature. I also have- guess what- a CASTLE! And looking into my crystal ball, I have learned that you are magic too. I can't wait for you to join me!!
Jasmine Silversinger

Hey Kyle! I am having so much fun in Wizard City! After I got invited, I became a fire student! My teacher is Professor Falmea. She is really cool! After I met my teacher, I got to go to Unicorn Way! After I spent a little time in the park talking to some guy named Ceren, I got to explore some more! In the shopping district, there was this cool guy who sold furniture, so I bought you a music player and some music! I hope to see you soon!
Tanner Spelldust

Jefferson Jr,
what a wonderful place wizard city is, there is a huge pond in the middle. i don't think there are fish in there, i haven't seen any. there is a pet park where you can race your pet and get awards. unicorn way, is a street that has ghouls, skeletons and dark fairies roaming around. if you fight them and win they drop gold and other useful stuff. there is a fairground, the headmasters office, a shopping center and other streets. you need to come play.
Noah Shadow

Dear Nicole,
I am having so much fun traveling the Spiral. Right now I am in Wizard City, at the amazing auction house, called the Bazaar. I just bought this cute dress I am going to wear to a party at the FireGlobe Theatre. There are so many cool things to see in Wizard City, like the Hedge Maze, Crab Alley, Ravenwood, and my favorite, NightSide. You HAVE to come here and check it out!
Send my love to everyone,
P.S. I will bring back a cute amulet for you. Bye!
Lenora LegendWeave

I've been spending a lot of time at the Pet Pavillion lately. I'm trying to level up my Firewing, but I keep getting distracted by the shouts coming from the PvP Arena! Most recently, I watched a match between to Grandmasters! It was epic, to say the very least. If you don't believe me, come to the Fairground with me, and then we'll head over to the Arena to watch another match. We can even stop by the Bazaar to grab some new Treasure Cards to show off, or stop by my Dorm Room to chill! See ya!!
Destiny Day Dreamer

Hey Ryan,
Enjoy the summer by coming on wizard101 there's a lot of new stuff and cool outfits for level 70! too hope you'll be able too come you love it a lot but enjoy summer and spring break with friends too.
Abigail Griffincaster

Hello Friend!
I have found a Magical, Mystical World! One we used to speak of from our Dreams! We can be a Princess that runs with Knights, Live in a Castle, ride a Majestic Mount. Plant a garden, where the plants give you gifts! Pets that protect you in battle! Your clothing, wand, jewelry, shoes all magical too! You will have so much fun, time will fly by and soon it will be time to leave, However you control the port hole and return ANYTIME you please! COME! BELIEVE! and PLAY WITH ME!!!
Suri Hexbane

Wizard City is a very exciting place! I have been travelling through the spiral, learning new spells, meeting new people, living in palaces, flying on hawks, and having dragon pets! I recently spent some time rescuing a group of younger Wizard students from some unfortunate situations in Zafaria -- you should join me! The professors are really great, but I can help, too.
Jenna Dawnheart

Dear Rhiannon,
I always have so much fun in Wizard City. I especially like to hang out in my castle with my friends, and also enjoy going to their castles as well. But the thing that I love most about Wizard City is pets. I love how there are pets for every school and some are even based off of the creatures that roam the spiral! I would love it if they made a Trogg pet. I also love hatching pets together to get awesome new talents. I also love wands. Who doesn't love casting spells with a harp?
Samuel Ashhorn

Brandon LegendBright
Brandon, dueling is really no fun without you! I hope that we can get together again soon and show off our "awesomeoness." Don't forget to bring some chocolate fudges from Marleybone for me. When you come back from your trip, we are definitely having our own adventure!
Stephanie FrostWielder

Wizard101 has been fun this year! They've had major updates as in new worlds, tons of new quests, creatures, new crown shop items and of course the new bundle gift cards! So many new quests and new spells for level 68 wizards. These new spells make PvP so much fun and interesting! I hope you can get on soon and check out all of these cool updates!

Hey Catalina!
I just wanted to tell you how I have fun (cause you know I'm not big on winter)! You know that game that many kids in our class play? That's Wizard101! It is so liked because you get to choose your wizard's path! No wizard does a battle the same way which is what makes it so cool! There are so far a total of 9 worlds, so you should always be busy on Wizard101! So come on down to the Spiral and enjoy a world of magic, adventure, and mystery with me and the other 10,000,000 wizards!
Olivia Spiritdust, Level 63

Spring is right around the corner! Here in Wizard City, the loud bustle can be heard all over the Spiral! I could smell the newly bloomed flowers flourishing in the air, as many wizards buzz around busily in the warm breeze. The Shopping Distrcict is filled with many young wizards gearing up with new items for their quests! Everything here is bright and sunny, the trolls are starting to prepare for their weekly suntan! Well, I got to go, the unicorns are being rowdy again! See you soon!
Jonathan Anvilvault

Hello from Wizard City! I'm having so much fun going to wizard school and learning all about magic! I'm also going around and doing things for people, like battling monsters and collecting stuff. I think you should come and see me here, because I'm pretty sure you'll like it. See you later!
Sophia EmeraldBlossom

"Greetings from Ravenwood! I just wanted to tell you how much fun i have been having here at Wizard City! Though i do miss you back on Earth. Once at the Commons(picture on the front) I met a person named Jared and he is so nice!
WC is nothing like earth and you should come and visit!"

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