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A Threat in the Spiral (part 1) by Garrett

I’ve never had any friends. My name is Garrett, just Garrett. Don’t ask why I don’t have a last name. Anyway, it was today I learned that to make friends, you have to be a friend.

Yesterday morning, I was interviewed by Gamma, the Headmaster’s owl. At first I thought that maybe applying to Ravenwood was a bad idea. But after Gamma asked me all these questions, I was sure I made the right choice.

I wanted to be a Conjurer, or maybe a Diviner! Well guess what? I turned out to be a Sorcerer, or Balance student. Wow, balance sure sounds good!

I woke up this morning, and walked out of my dorm. The air was crisp and humid. “Awesome! A perfect day to start learning!” I couldn’t help putting some sarcasm into that. Immediately, Merle Ambrose appeared in front of me! I jumped backward, almost falling over.

“Are you Garrett, the newest sorcerer?” He asked me.

“Yeah, why?” I replied.

“Oh, well you’ll need your schedule!” Merle handed me a small scroll. I took it, and peeked inside. There were 7 columns, one for each class. The first class was balance. Hooray?

I opened my mouth to ask Merle a question, but he was gone, almost as quickly as he had appeared.

I shrugged and trotted off to Arthur Wethersfield, the balance professor. He was reading a book entitled, Worlds of the Spiral.

I waited a few minutes, to see if Arthur would notice I was there. Unfortunately, he didn’t see me for about 10 minutes!

“Arthur? Um, weren’t you supposed to start class 10 minutes ago?” I frowned.

Arthur stuck his bookmark in his place, and stated, “Yes, but the other students were busy studying.”

I sighed and opened my textbook. I read the first two pages, then looked at some of the other students.

One girl was standing on one foot, while reading the text. Another was practicing a Scarab, in which hugged her gently. A boy sat on one of Bartleby’s tree limbs while memorizing a spell.

“This is so boring,” I mumbled to myself.

Just when I thought I was going to die of boredom, Bartleby shouted, “Next class!”

I quickly got up and looked at the scroll. The 2nd classes and down were all blank. “Uh oh!” I thought of asking for help, but I only had a minute until I’d be late to class.

I decided to run to any class, just so I might have a small chance of being on time. I ran to the fire class, and sat in an empty chair at the back of the room.

“Hello everybody! If you are in this class, you have just chosen fire as your secondary school!” Dalia Falmea, the fire professor walked through the center aisle, looking at all the faces, some new and some old.

Huh? I really didn’t want balance as my first school, but I don’t even get to choose my second?

My first day of school is coming to an end, and it wasn’t really so bad. I learned how to cast Fire Cat! I tried it out, and it nearly burned my hand.

I was also assigned a quest by Halston Balestrom, the storm professor: Defeat the Fairy Queen on Unicorn Way.

It seemed pretty easy, but it wasn’t. First of all, I only knew the Fire Cat spell. Second, I didn’t have any help. Finally, The enemy was a boss!

Just when I thought it was all over, another wizard jumped in the dueling circle. He wore all black, and looked like a Diviner, but I wasn’t 100% sure. He cast a Thunder Snake, and destroyed the boss in one blow!

I ran to the sidewalk and breathed heavily. In-between breaths, I saw the wizard opening his spell book. After a few minutes, he walked over to me and looked a little sad.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing!” He shouted in my face.

I was beginning to wonder if I had picked the wrong Realm, until I saw what was wrong. The wizard wore all the items he had, except a pet.

“Where’s your pet?” I asked sympathetically.

No answer.


Still no answer.

“Hey!” I grasped my wand, and braced myself for an attack.

“He was hurt in a battle,” The wizard finally answered, but didn’t show his face.

There was a long eerie silence, I didn’t know what to say. I thought fast, “Well, in life class today, I learned Pixie, will that help?”

“I already tried that,” The wizard’s voice creaked with emotions.

I thought for a few more minutes, then looked in my pack. I noticed I received an item called a ‘Blood Bat Band’ from the Fairy Queen.

“What is your pet?” I asked, taking out the band.

“A Blood Bat,” The wizard managed to say.

“What’s his name?” I looked at some engravings on the band.

“King Cosmo,” The wizard began to walk away.

“Wait! This band says ‘King Cosmo!’” I held up the band.

The wizard turned around and looked at the band closely.

“My name is Juan DragonWraith,” He took the band, and added me to his friend’s list.

I didn’t really GIVE him the band, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to protest.

The next morning was Saturday, so I teleported to Juan, who was in his dorm. On the bed lay King Cosmo, the little bat asleep.

“That band of yours worked,” Juan said, not looking at me.


“Yeah. As long as King Cosmo wears it, he’ll be fine.” I smiled at this remark, but I still had a question.

“Hey Juan, are you a Diviner?”

“No, I’m a Necromancer, Storm is my second school though,” Juan opened his bank, and took out a robe.

“So what are you Garrett?” Juan looked at the robe.

“Oh, I’m a Sorcerer, and Fire is my second school,” I stood up taller than usual.

“Neat, I want you to have this robe,” Juan handed the robe to me. I looked it over. It was orange and brown, with a tiny cape. “Thanks!”

“Hey, go to your dorm and change. When your done, meet me over at Fire Tower for a party!” Juan ran out of his dorm. I looked back at King Cosmo and smiled. I made a friend.

As I entered the tower, I was greeted by a Level 34 Theurgist. She shouted in my face so loudly, everybody turned to look.

I walked in the tower, looking for Juan. I saw him by a counter.

“Hey Garrett! Hungry? Thirsty?” He offered me a bag of Troll Chips. They sounded totally awesome!

I looked around the tower, just now observing the events. There was Pet Contest, a Dance Contest, and a dueling circle for fun.

I decided to try my luck in the Dance Contest, and show off my moves.

Well, I ended up coming in 4th place out of ten, which was pretty good. Unfortunately, only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place get prizes.

Suddenly, the room began to spin and shake. Juan ran over to me, and shouted, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know!” I shouted back.

Several wizards were screaming, but you could hear the level 34 Theurgist over all of them! One of the walls collapsed, and a man stepped in.

“That’s Malistaire Drake, the former Death professor!” one wizard panicked.

A few Masters stepped in to fight, but Malistaire simply pointed right at me and said calmly, “There is no way YOU’LL defeat me !” He disappeared, and everybody stared at me.

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I had to tell Merle! I sped out of the tower and ran to Merle’s office. Instead, I found Gamma.

“Merle went out to collect some crystals from Dark Cave,” Gamma seemed as if he read my mind. I sighed and walked out of the office, then remembered Malistaire’s words: There is no way YOU’LL defeat me!

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