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Summer Travels Around the Spiral

From William ShadowFlame
Greetings! I'm a great explorer hired by Marleybonians, and a protecter for Merle Ambrose! I have written down the things I liked most about the worlds: the heat of Krokotopia, the deep night of Marleybone, the fresh air of MooShu, the molten streets of Dragonspyre, the murky waters of Celestia, the frosty Grizzleheim, the treetops of Zafaria, the overgrown Wysteria, the medevial Avalon, and the great Wizard city. The spiral is a great place for new wizards, and will be much of an adventure!

From Quinn Dragoncaller
So far this summer i have had a BLAST of magic. I have traveled near and far and far and near. I gone onto the far reaches of celestia and the near reaches of wizard city. But for this hot summer I think ill kick back and hang with my pets at my castle Happy summer everybody!

From Erin Sandstone
Summer has been a blast so far! I'm currently here in Wysteria to learn more about magic, as a balance wizard it's my duty to know about all the other schools. Many of the students there gave me odd looks when I rode my ancient koi, Swiftfin, through the market place. Everything here seems totally different than Ravenwood, you should see the Myth teacher! Well me, Swiftfin, and Nala my storm beast are having fun here, and can't wait to come home and see all my friends! Cya soon!

From Olivia Emeraldust
Dear Olivia, I have been working hard for you in the Sunken City. Hopefully we will get stronger and find Grub, and collect the item of proof and finally finish this quest! Stay safe and hopefully find out where this quest takes us and with help from are friends we can achieve anything!!!

From John Dragoncatcher
The wonderfull world of avalon is where i have been hanging out this summer from the beutiful abby road to the mysterious wild got to love these new updates, just about to level up again and this time its a final level tahts right archmage baby, ya also today i beat the helephant tower very difficult unless you have an ice, fire and life friend to help you all lvl 79 or up many good friends, also i have been to the winter winds castle many times through many friends anyway see you in the spiral

From Genevieve StarFinder
During the summer my quests have taken me to the prim and proper manner-filled world of Marleybone, where dogs and cats have their quarrels and it's my job to sort through them all and find out who really IS the culprit. I miss home in Wizard City but I know that as a Wizard it's my responsibility to end all the misfortunes in the worlds so that I may be the strongest and best wizard there ever was and ever will be!

From Kevin Battleblood
i have been on the zafaria place and boy, is it hot! I never thought that the savanna would be so hot. and my death and ice! they have improved greatly. I've also learned moon, too. i just hope that the lions don't try to eat me, and that tis tis snake tail is a traitor alright! I'm currently trying to find the umbra queen in the drum jungle. wow I also got through the spiral cup to! I won the cup and put it in my death house. It has been wonderful traveling through the spiral.

From Luis Stormstaff
There was'nt much to do in the Spiral so I decided to take vacation that I made up,called pet-cation and had fun with my pets I bought with gold,training them,practice them in the derby, and using them in battles to get pet snacks.So having fun with my pets.Bye.

From Stephen Ashstrider
Though we learn from our teachers year long, my life's quest brought me to the sandy Krokotopia. I've been to the Pyramid of th Sun, and most of its areas, but there is still much to explore. The next stop the Krokosphinx where it is for some reason hotter, and the cooler School of Balance. Then to the Temple of Storms where I hope to learn about my school's history. But I'm getting ahead of myself I want to see all the worlds of the Spiral and though the seems like a great feat I can do it.

From Sabrina Ashflame
Dear Mom & Dad, I'm Having TONS of fun here in the spiral! Being a 47 lvl'ed Pyromancer, You can feel the heat in the spiral! Especially in Wizard City, Where most of the excitement happens! Master Ambrose and His Pet, Gamma the Owl, Are A Very Inviting, And Have A Lot of quests for me! Even now, some are pending! I have two Super cute and friendly mounts! They take me places, faster! And are great company. I have Billions of pets but I love them all, there my sweeties, but they grow up fast XOX

From Elijah LightThief
Wizard 101 has taken me to the corners of wizard city to mooshu. Even to unheard worlds of dragonspyre and even Avalon. From wizards and witches to goblins-- there's so much to see! From solving cases to rescuing friends! From pvp to pets! from pets to housing! SO much to do oh my!

From Isabella NightShade
Greetings! Coming to you from scorching Krokotopia! Did you know the history here is so interesting?!? Yep, I've already done my summer shopping and I'm ready to hit the beach! (Beach being the Pyramid of the Sun) See you very soon!

From Luke IceDust
IT's awsome travelling in the unknown worlds. I HAVE MET NEW FASINATING THINGS!!!! Like the technology they use in celesitia. And how the travellers survive under the BOILING sun in Krokotopia. It's amazing! And i have heared a new world has been found. I will go there to study the animals and the tribes

From Ali Skyblossem
Hey there! Unlike other wizards, i'm not vacationing, i'm studying. So far, I've been to Celestia to dive deeper into Storm Magic. Now i'm in Krockatopia, learning more about my own school, Balance! In a week, I'll be in Wintertusk, and then comming home. See ya!

From Alexander Moonpetal
Hey there, i just wanted to tell you how the the Spiral was. I had to battle Krocktophatra, Lord Night Shade, and some of thier minions. Insted of battling bad guys, I kicked back and relaxed in cool Marleybone. NowI just feel like helping myself out with a little PvP. Anyway I'm about to regain Marleybone backfrom the O'Lary's Gang. Happy Summer from yours truly

From Sarai Willowtail
I've had some prettty cool things happen to me with the Water Moles. I had to summon this great face in the water, defeat Rubble Rousers, and the crazy moles. I think it's the most FUN I've ever had! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!... somtime.

From Matthew Jadespear
WOW! You should really check out Krokotopia! Perfect for a pyromancer! definitely better that Celelstia, I mean how are you supposed to cast fire spells underwater! Krokotopia is really hot which is good, but you need to drink plenty of water. Avalon is also nice, but serioulsy! Way too hard! Anyway besides the terrible desert scenery the heat is nice in Krokotopia. Well, maybe not for an ice wizard. They probably like Wintertusk. But fire melts ice so . . . well anyway: GO KROKOTOPIA!

From Stephen IceThief
I have been questing in the hot and dry world of Krokotopia! Now, I hope the Kroks will soon fallto the summer heat...and my fire spells! Also, I got chosen for Ravenwood to participate in the biggest event ever: The Spiral Cup! I hope to win the cup, but only one thing, Pigswick Academy students cheat! Anyways, I am having fun playing the online game of Wizard101!

From John LifeEyes
Summer is great here at firecat alley but it is hot so i am trying to chill with my friends at wintertusk.I am partying all night with my friends at my new house. Hope every one is having a great summer through out the spiral !

From Connor Myth Mender
Hey guess what I have done this summer? I went to MarleyBone and Mooshu! Man were they amazing. I helped solve many amazing problems. I defeated the Jade Oni in Mooshu he was the most powerful boss i have ever fought! Meowiarty in MarleyBone was also very powerful! They were both so powerful that I had to have my friend help me. I am very thankful for my friend he has helped through many tough quests. That was my summer break

From Elijah LightThief
Wizard 101 has taken me to the corners of wizard city to mooshu. Even to unheard worlds of dragonspyre and even Avalon. From wizards and witches to goblins-- there's so much to see! From solving cases to rescuing friends! From pvp to pets! from pets to housing! SO much to do oh my!

From Amy Hexshade,
Greetings! I've had a very MAGICAL time in the Spiral this Summer; I've fought some deadly dragons to evil black knights to even the mighty Jabberwock in Avalon. I've discovered many secrets and seen many things that have sparked my interest and increased my curiosity to learn more, to explore the world of Avalon more. Avalon is a world you must defiantly explore, I hope to see you wizards there soon!

From Kane Lifeglade,
What better way to beat the heat than to go underwater in Celestia, or staying cool by chilling out in Wintertusk! Summer is here, and the Spiral is the coolest place around! :D

From Brandon OwlSword
Hi folks at home looking at this. I've been traveling across the spiral starting with the world of Mooshu. Have you seen how elegant it is? Next, using my hot-air boat, I flew to Marleybone. Awe, the dogs there are just so cute! Lastly, I soared across the sky on my dragon wings to the world of Dragonspyre. It's a bit creepy with all the skulls, but a nice place to warm up from the chills in Wintertusk. Now that's an interesting world. So, that's where my summer vacation has taken me. Cya later!

From Flint Redstone
Finally, Cashed in my Frequent Spiral Miles. I picked Marleybone for the weather, since I spent the last few months in the desert. While Krokotopia is bright and sunny there is sand everywhere(Too --Much --Sand). Sand on the ground, spinning in the air I'm still finding sand in my Luggage. Lunch on the trip to Marleybone was Sand-wiches. (Obviously I wasn't Hungry) I hope Fiona has Better Luck. Signed Flint Redstone

From Jesse EarthEye
This summer i will have a lot of fun.I will take my pet to a walk in the Spiral ,take a bath into the lake ,plant some fruits to make juice for me and my friends, learn new spells from my snow teacher to freez my enemys and my juice .Goodbye se you in Wizard City.

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