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A Wizard's Best Friend - Pets!

John LegendMancer
Miss Lillie - Shadow Phoenix

At first, I really wanted a bird pet. Then when I got the chance to hatch with one, she was born. After she hatched, I trained her with my harvested snacks. Now she is Ancient and I think the way she says 'Thank you' is by casting me a Sprite or two whenever I was cornered by the Spiral's monsters. Not to mention the amazing Grand Phoenix card she gave. Best wishes, dear Lillie!

Adam FireFinder
Lord Zeus - Forest Lord

When I'm sad he cheers me up with his face or when he dances. He picks me spells like the life blade and everyone says he's cool.

Blaze DarkSlinger
Shadow - Firecat

Shadow is my favorite because he was my first Ever pet and sometimes i equip him for good luck in boss battles you will think it is weird for a lvl 66 in zafaria but it is true. I love training now he is epic. That is why shadow is my favorite

Jack GoldBlood
Tyson - Jade Oni

He is my fav pet because he looks AWESOME! I love seeing him stomp around with his little sword. It always makes me happy to see him stomp. I remember getting him from the crowns shop. I love his spell Jade Oni because it PWNS my enemies! Jason really rocks!

Jacob BearGrove
Buddy - Dragon

Well i feel like its fun to have someone beside me while I battle yea friends come and go but the pet will stay with me. Other than doing that i think its fun when you play the games to train it and the pet derby races even though you might loose or not come in first place you still had fun with your pet. Some pets have talents yea maybe not the ones you planned to get but its something special that you get in return and we ahve to appreciate it.

Sloan Moonstone
Moose - Arctic Ninja Pig

I have been obsessed with pigs my whole life. And being ice, when this pet came out i HAD to have it.

William ShadowFlame
Luke - Fierce Hound

Luke always followed me while I simply ran around. He always healed when I didn't say "good boy". He likes my big hits. He howls while dancing, usually when he smells hambrosia. He likes hatching with other pets. So evil bad guys beware: We have Luke.

Luke Perilhammer
Prince Shadow - Spirit of Nature

Hs earth walker spell is really useful,I like the way he looks with his cool sword,his ability in pet derby is really useful it gives you ALOT of morale,and when he's running by my side I just feel AWESOME.

Belle - Yuletide Spirit

I love her because she's pretty. I also love her because she casts unicorn and life shield for me. She's my only fave until I find one to share the spotlight with her. I am going to train her to epic as soon as I can. Love ya belle!

Andrew Crowrider
Sir Oliver - Yellow Fire Elf

When ever I'm down or sad i always look at him,hes always hopping around smiling all the time. It just strikes "happy" into me you know. Then when I'm walking around i realize he is hopping while he walks! That just fills me up with energy. Later on in the day I'm feeling great, i don't even member why i was sad or down. Yellow fire elf or any elf in fact is a great part of the game. he keeps you going and always makes you realize the good side in everything. THANK YOU SIR OLIVER! :)

Kiley Bluebane
Isabella - Elemental Foo Dog

My Foo Dog is my favorite pet because I feel that she is more unique than my other pets. She also has a unicorn spell that me a lot because i battle with my friends a lot.She also look pretty dang cool with my outfit :)

Luke Shadowrider
Louie - Scarecrow

It is my favorite pet because Louie and I have been through alot together. I remember in Wintertusk when I finished the quest to get it I was so excited that I wanted to stay on until it hatched. Alas that my parents didn't like so as always I had to go to bed. I got up so early to check on him. The first day I got him I used every mega pet snack on him. When I got him I spent so much time with him that before i knew it it was already time to have lunch! And thats why he is my favorite pet.

Jackson - Heck Hound

Jackson exemplifies my pyromancer's sense of self. A being of fire, the heck hound compliments Marcus' appearance and warns his enemies of his fiery, destructive power!

Alexander Lionheart
Miss Sparky - Hawk

I love my pet, because I haven't seen as much Night Hawks. This pet also reminds me of my grandparents work, which was a Bird Watcher in South America. The most important reason is that it is so cute. XD

Terri Spell
Midnight - Hallowed Knight

Well first i think that is one of the most amazing Wizard101 pet that KI ever created. I like it because its not like the all others pets. Its very funny when its mask fall down and he cannot move it up! However, I love all my pets and i think that the pet book (Dread Grimoire) is another very cool pet! Well hope KI continue make awesome pets!

Rowan RainbowRiver
Henry - Swift Piggle

Henry is my favorite pet because he was one of my first pets, and he gave me a spell card. I bought a card from Gamestop for crowns, and he came with it. I've had him equipped basically since I first created my wizard. I just recently trained him to adult, so I will start hatching with other members. I love always having him with me, he's like my dueling buddy.

Autumn Rainleaf
Duke Marley - Creeper

I love the way the hydras and their crosses move, it's so cute. Their dance is too! What could be better than a pretty, solid blue dragon like pet? He may not have the best talents but he is beautiful and loyal. He is always happy to see me and accompany me where ever I go, bouncing along at my side.

Reed Moonfriend
Fluffy - Forest Lord

As I play the forest lord card, I make funny sayings as "Fluffy, I will let you out to play some tag, play NICE this time." , "I have been training him with a newspaper, until he ate it." even "Its been hard trying to train him, I think he has an attitude problem." He may not have all the skills I would like, but he does have many I do like. To me the game is just about having fun. And he brings a smile on many faces as we work as a team.

Kevin Icethorn
Elvis - Fragmented Dragon

First of all i name my pet Elvis after one of my favorite singers Elvis Presley. since i found out abut the fragmented dragon pet i wanted one and one of my friend's hatch with me to get it and i love it is my favorite pet it doesn't have "good stats" like they say but for me is the pest pet is so cool looking and i always have it with me i never leave it home i like the colors and its little dance

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