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I just wanted to tell you about this awesome game that I play with my kids. It is called Wizard101. First you choose if you are a boy or a girl in the game. Then you get to chose what you want to look like! Then you get to choose what school you want to be. All the schools are really cool but my favorite is balance because it pulls from all schools. You can run around and complete quest and beat the forces of evil in several different worlds. You can make really good friends on Wizard101. It is a lot of fun to play for kids and adults! You can own and decorate your own castles and you can get really cool mounts to ride on! You get to learn new really cools spells from your school! You also can have pets! You can train your pets to help you along your journeys through the worlds. You can play PvP! Which is where you battle other wizards and gain rank!. The more you play the higher level your player will be and the stronger you will get. And when you finish with one player and max out your level there is room for 6 different characters on your account so you can start a whole new player! I have so much fun playing with my kids and my friends on Wizard 101!! I would recommend Wizard101 to any one young and old! I really hope you come and play Wizard101! You will not regret it! You will be the cool Mom or Dad!

Esmee Firewielder

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY you are my best friend so you are ice that gives you the most health from your outfit. you help me a lot that is why i love you as a best friend keep you power strong see you power me up in a pvp! :)

Alexzandria Lion

Dear Andy,
I think you will absolutely love Wizard101 because of the major adventure that will occur during your playing time. KI is always updating new gear, pets, and worlds, so look out for new things to come. Another fun thing is that you will meet multiple friends along your journey to defeat Malistaire and his army of minions. You will have to cast many spells, and choose the school that fits you. The quests you will face will usually be quite difficult, so be prepared for a challenge. Then there is PvP. PvP is a fun way to get interactive with your friends and duel each other for arena tickets. Arena Tickets are used to purchase stuff from Diego, the dueling master. There is the Bazaar, which sells multiple items that you might need for many reasons, or you might just be browsing for that one lucky thing. To make a long letter short, the main part of Wizard101 is your going to have lots of fun when you play it and I wish you best luck on your quests to defeat Malistaire.
Your Wizard Friend,

Brandon OwlSword

We are the bringers of good, the
Creators of peace.
We are the champions of the spiral,
The winners in a race.

You can say that we'll be beaten,
But we'll rise up once more.
For no one defeats
a wizard from Ravenwood.

We stop evil in its tracks,
And fight to bring back hope.
But they wish to fight us,
And arouse our darkest route.

So go! Try to stop us!
You'll only end up sad.
For no one defeats a wizard,
And that makes me quite glad.

Madison DawnBright

Hey, Kayla! It's Nick. There's this amazing game you should check out. This game is known as Wizard101, and is a truly sensational game, with millions of players!
There are seven main schools in Wizard101, and they are extremely unique! While in battle you can call upon the aid of fierce minions if you are a Mighty Myth. If you are a Loving Life, you can bring your friends back from the dead. The Bold Balance wizards will cast traps and blades to help their team members. Daring Deaths can take half of the health they drain from an enemy. Fierce Fire wizards can cast spells that can do damage over time. The Strong Storm wizards can call upon spells that can strike down enemies instantaneously. I'm not forgetting the Intelligent Ice wizards who can cast shields to fortify their defenses.
There are tons of stupendous characters solely in Wizard101. For example, there's our lavish Headmaster, Merle Ambrose. He believes we, the students of Ravenwood (where the seven schools are located), can defeat evil and save the Spiral (the universe in which Ravenwood is located).
So, what do you say? Shall you join me in my quest to vanquish all evil? Will we become heroes? Shall we together be named the Saviors of the Spiral?

Nicholas Spirithand

You are one of my best friends in the game and out. I showed you Wizard101 in the first place. I think i taught you and helped you through the game and about the game. Now you are better than me. You leveled up faster and accelerated in strength much faster than me. You are a hero like many in wizard101, but you aqre the only hero to me. Thank you for everything.

Mitchell Fireblade

Hi Molly! I have been playing a game called Wizard101 and it is REALLY cool. You would like it because you get a house of your choice. Its like Harry Potter, its really cool. and its just fun and funny. I love the plants there is a King Parsley that dances like Elvis and there are White Laugh-o-dills that giggle and make jokes. I would love it if you played. Tell your mom and dad it is appropriate for you and good for your age. Love you!

Katie DaisyGlade

Come and join my magical adventure!
Let's go together and discover amazing worlds!
I'm a student of Ravenwood. It's a school of magical arts!
I have good teachers who I know they can teach you what they have taught me the last 2 years since I first joined them.
You'll make lots of friends and meet interesting people during your journey and if you decide to come with me... together we can save the Spiral from evil forces!
If we team up as wizards and brothers I'm sure no evil will be able to stop us!
Are you ready to enter in a whole new and magical world?
Wizard City is the perfect place to start with your studies and to being a unforgettable journey!

Ethan SpellStone

Dear, Jake
Have you ever wanted to have a magical adventure of a lifetime? Than wizard101 is the game for you! Just chose one of the seven schools of magic, then step in to a world of wizardry to stop all chaos around the spiral! You will go to many worlds to stop Malistare's plot of evil. You will meet interesting characters along the way while discovering more spells and adventuring through new worlds!
This family game allows people of all ages to enjoy, so you can play with the family no matter what distance apart.
You will meet many friends, but the best part has to be being a wizard!

See you in the spiral!
Justin Rainpants

Dear Rachel,

I would like to invite you to this awesome online game called wizard101! where you can play learn tricks and become a wizard! its just so cool! You basicly pick your school of magic out of Ice,Fire,Storm,Life,Death or Myth and you fight to be rid of this unkind dark wizard named Malistare Drake. I hope you can join me in game! I really want you by my side as we storm into Malistares Dungeon and Bring Him Down!

Hope you can join us!
Mark Swiftgem

Ride or die trying. Everything we do is an adventure. No boss too big or too strong . Constantly encouragement. Saffron Nightwhisper is my left hand girl in a fight, my brain when I forget, my muscle when I cannot hit the target. But more than that we run the spiral as best friends. Strong as storm when we are apart. A force to be reckoned with together. So to my sword in battle and my shield when I need it thank you Saffy for being my best friend. Happy Friendship Day!!
Laura SeaRiver

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