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Enter the Shadows by Jacob Hexstaff

The cold wind of the Haunted Cave chilled the mans bones, and made his cloak blow slightly to the side. In his hands was a box. The box had velvet on the inside so that what was inside would make no sound. The outside of the box was a dark, chocolate brown. Inscribed on it were seven symbols.

The man's cloak was a deep purple color, with a dark, almost golden yellow on the trim. His staff was long, with a amethyst globe at the top. His boots were made of a deep leather that felt like a rabbit's fur. His eyes were bright yellow with storm clouds inside, and a pupil, that was a dark blue. His hair was brown and matted down. He had no beard.

He looked around assuredly as though he was afraid someone was following him. But in truth he was hoping someone was following him. It would make his job much, much easier.

"I thought you wouldn't do it." a voice rang out from behind the man. looking behind him he saw some blue and yellow robes appear. Cyrus Drake was here. A slight smile flickered on the mans lips
"You know me Cyrus. Never does what is expected." the man hissed, his voice sounded was as smooth as rocks weathered by water after many years.
"Yes you always were silly that way brother." Cyrus's voice was hard and unforgiving but his eyes betrayed his disappointment and sorrow. "I was hoping that after Malistare you would have learned."

"I have" the mans voice was bitter now, full of resentment at his brother. "He let you live. Worse yet he let Ambrose live."

Cyrus didn't respond immediately. First he took out a deck of cards, opened the top and summoned a battle circle. "if you are so confident you can kill me then try!" he yelled, and the earth trembled. The cries of the monsters on Cyclops Lane could be heard yelling as far away as Grizzleheim. The clouds above Wizard City darkened, like the whole world was preparing for the clash of two great gladiators from opposite powers, in a match that might just destroy the Spiral.

The man smiled at Cyrus's challenge as though amused that his little brother was so arrogant. "I hope you enjoy death."

Cyrus started the battle by casting time of legend. Strength flooded into Cyrus's mind making his spells strong. The man cast windstorm preparing for a final attack. Next turn Cyrus skipped the rest of the prep and cast Orthrus.

The whole spiral grew eerily quiet as a moon penetrated the mist in the Haunted Cave. The ground started shaking and a hole opened up, with fiery eyes staring up at the man. The eyes jumped out revealing to heads on the biggest do anyone has ever seen. The first one snapped at the man, causing him slight discomfort, but the second one attack with the strength of a thousand minotaurs. The man's head slumped down as though with defeat then he looked up, now worse for wear a smile playing on his lips.

"Is that the best you got?" Suddenly time of legend disappeared, replace by a downing torrent of rain soaking Cyrus to the bones. Without missing a beat the man cast a spell, it's symbol and power lost in the downpour of rain.

The mist in the Haunted Cave grew even thicker, threatening to blind both men. The wind howled louder then the monsters on Cyclops Lane. The rain fell even heavier now, and lightning struck at Cyrus's feet, a preview of what was about to come.

As fast as the mist appeared it disappeared replaced by a giant hand. The hand had a bracelet with a giant amethyst in the center. The hand turned into a fist, pulling up the rest of a body. The man had eyes like a thunder storm, white hair that was blinding compared to the black sky. His beard ended in jagged hairs, that looked just like thunder bolts. He was about fifty feet taller then both men and carried a lightning bolt five times taller then both of them and twice as wide. His tunic was a deep blue with purple streaks all over. Looking down at Cyrus, as a human might view a bug, he threw his thunder bolt, hitting Cyrus square in the heart. Cyrus was blown back to the edge of the street, the blood pounding in his ears.

The battle circle disappeared and on the box that man was carrying the symbol of myth flickered, and looked like it was about to flicker out for good. The man walked leisurely towards Cyrus like he had all the time he wanted.

When the man got to his brother, Cyrus was holding on tightly to his wand like it was the only thing keeping him in this world.

"You knew it would end this way Cyrus. You knew you would fall this time. So my question is: why were you in such a hurry to leave this dimension? Ah but I will never know the answer will I? So heed these worlds before you die, and if you make it to the after life warn the hero's of them. War them of me: Now comes the rise of Lord Orbeara Drake, king of Storm. It is time for the fall, The fall of Ambrose, and the fall of the Spiral as you know it."

With these words Orbeara Drake walked away, pausing only to take out what was held in the box. Many, many jingling keys. Keys to every world known world in the Spiral. Gingerly putting them back in the box he walked on, unaware of the owl that was flying away, to warn his master.

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