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The Battle of All Battles by Autumn Firedust

It was dark. I was running, the moon's luminescent light beaming through my long, dark hair. I was in serious trouble. I could hear the harsh winds whispering my name ' Autumn Firedust, Autumn Firedust, Autumn Firedust!' I ran as fast as I could to the commons. It was hard to catch my breath. My good friend Taryn MoonBlood came up and said " Autumn! Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied. "You don't look like it.", she argued. "What were you running from?", she inquired. " Forces of darkness...evil...Malistaire!", I stumbled on the words. "Malistaire!", Taryn exclaimed. "OK, then we'd better go tell Headmaster Ambrose or-" "No we can't! We must tell Bartleby. Look!" I held out Bartleby's missing eye to Taryn. "Woah..." she said in awe. "Like I said, we must go to Ravenwood to tell him.'', I explained again. "OK...but we will eventually tell Headmaster, won't we?'' "Of course we will. Now, come on!", I said as we both ran into the tunnel that leads to Ravenwood.

When we got to Bartleby, I held up his other eye to him. " Thank you so much, girls!" he exclaimed. "I never thought I'd be able to see this again!" "Yes, we understand that you are glad for your missing eye to be back, but---" Taryn started. " But you want a reward, of course! I understand. This great deed you have done me should indeed be rewarded!" Bartleby said. "Here, Autumn,'' he said. Golden leaves from the top of him lightly fell on me and then I was slowly lifted off the ground. "Put the eye back in it's place if you will, please.'' I did. "Thank you very much! Here, you will both get a package each of these golden leaves. They will help very much whenever you need them.", he said as two bags of the magic leaves appeared at our feet.

"Thank you, Bartleby", Taryn and I said in unison. " But, now that your eye is back you must be protected at all times.," Taryn said finishing her earlier sentence. "Why's that, exactly?" he asked. " Because... I stole it from Malistaire's layer. Him and his help will come to search for it very soon, I fear!" I said. "Oh...Well that is a problem. You should alert the Headmaster immediately." Bartleby said. Taryn shot me an' I - told - you - so' look. I gave her a 'whatever' look. And with that we were back off to the commons to Headmaster Merle Ambrose's house.

" Headmaster!" Taryn shouted. No answer came from inside the heavily wooded door. I knocked a couple of times. Still no answer. " Hello?",I asked as I rang the doorbell about a thousand times. Taryn pushed open the door. We looked around. The place was a mess!...and the Headmaster was no where to be found. We went into Gamma's room. He was tied up and squawking on the floor. We untied him and he said " Thank you very much yooooou twoooo." We sat him up on his perch and then he told us what'd happened just before sunrise. He said that Nightshade(Malistaire's assistant) and field guards Headmaster-napped Headmaster Ambrose. " Oh, no! I told you we should've gone to the Headmaster first!', I exclaimed. Taryn sighed heavily. " Yooou must go rescuuuue him," Gamma said. " Before it's tooooo late!"

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