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Xibalba by Fallon Redsword

"Ethan, you're such a good wizard," I tell my friend as he casts Frost Giant at a rank one Lost Soul roaming the streets of Unicorn Way. "Not better than you, Fallon."

Ethan and I spot beginners dueling Dark Fairies, casting their low pip spells.

"Remember when we were that young?"

"Yeah," I reply as my eyes fall to my lap. "I do." I stroke my polar bear, Pepper, thinking about my next adventure to come. What world will be next?

My friend, Kane Lightningbreaker, flies up to me on his hawk.

"Kane, why are you here? I thought you got a job in Marleybone."

"They needed me for excavating in Krok, so I got a break while they're moving supplies. I just thought I'd visit Rattlebones again."

"Well, Ethan and I are just-" I start, before Gamma flies up to me, his eyes filled with fear and excitement, kind of like Professor Balestrom, who taught Kane his spells.

"Young wizard, there has been a recent discovery," Gamma tells me urgently.

"What is it?

"Just come to Headmaster Ambrose at once. Professor Drake has found a new world."

"Okay, thanks, Gamma. I'll be right there." With that, Gamma rapidly flies away.

"I'm sorry, guys."

"Justice never waits," Ethan says calmly, though I can sense his pain in his eyes. "It's fine, Fallon."

I hoist myself onto Sven, my stag, and Kane hands me Pepper, who rides in my lap. "Thanks for understanding."

Sven starts galloping towards The Commons. I look back at Ethan, with his melancholy face. Once beautiful in the light, it sinks into the shadows, with his soul leading the way. Oh, Ethan. It won’t be long.

We lock eyes briefly, but all of it ends as I dash through the tunnel, leaving my friends behind once again.

"Young wizard, I'm glad you could come," Headmaster Ambrose says, feeling anxious. "Professor Drake has informed me of Azteca, a world we thought to have been destroyed by the comet, Xibalba. Morganthe is planning to travel there and use the Aztecosaurs' necromantic power against them. Morganthe must be stopped, before she takes over the Spiral for good."

I was granted a few days in Wizard City after saving King Artorius and Avalon. Now, it seems, those blissful days have ended.

"I am sorry that you will have to end your vacation so soon, but you must understand the dire situation."

"I know. One thing I ask is to bring a friend."

"Fallon, your studies come first, and you know that."

"Okay, fine."

"Great. We shall begin!"

Cyrus Drake, Professor of Myth, interjects, telling me what I need to do to access Azteca.

"Travel to the Royal Museum in Marleybone. From there, you will be transported to a watchtower to observe Azteca from a Spiral telescope. I know you will do well, Fallon. You always do, even if I had my doubts about you in the beginning."

"Well, you did try to get me expelled," I say with a hesitant laugh. Sometimes I wonder why. Maybe it was for the better.

I travel to the watchtower and I'm greeted by two of Morganthe's Goliaths. I sigh when I see that their school of magic is fire. I groan and begin.

I battle quickly, for their stench is quite repelling. As I finish off my enemies with Rain of Fire, a Marleybonian invites me inside to utilize the telescope.

I observe the world of Azteca, a beauty of early life, trees sprouting from the ground, winding up and touching the sky.

"It's amazing," I whisper to myself. "Truly amazing."

From the rooftops of Marleybone, to the depths of Celestia, I had never seen anything like it.

I return to Wizard City, feeling refreshed. I enter Ravenwood, with the leaves and branches of Bartleby casting a shadow upon the schools. Except the Death school, of course.

Sven carries me into the Commons, where I dismount in front of the headmaster's office, stepping inside.

"Did you enjoy your journey?" Headmaster Ambrose asks me as soon as I get inside. I could tell he was anxious and frightened. He always is.

"The trip was amazing," I tell him, hoping to calm his nerves. "But I know it's not a vacation; it's to save the Aztecosaurs."

"We shall start immediately. The fate of the Spiral is in your hands. You collected the Spiral key, yes?"

"Absolutely. I will go now."

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