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What a Dream by Artur Thunderhammer

Everything about the day seemed quite boring, the rain outside, the gray of the sky and everyone talking in this giant babble of not-even-legitimate words. School was okay that day, but it’s not fun being the loner. As I adjusted my glasses, everyone left for the hallway, getting ready to go home and I hurried as they did. The bell rang and the chorus of babble was replaced with footsteps going about. As I left the school, I began the long walk home that seemed forever. Happiness is a fair weather friend. As I reached home, I took off my backpack, went to my room and slept a dreamless sleep.

“Hmmm, this one seems odd, don’t you think?”

“I don’t like his beak, err, nose.”

“We can’t just throw his away! The book summoned him for a reason Gamma!”

“Fine, but what will we do if he’s not the one?”

“We’ll wait and see.”

What felt like a dreamless sleep was actually preparation for the dream I was to face, I was lying down with an old man who the most peculiar beard, ever.

“Why hello young wizard.”


“It seems that you’ve taken quite the rest.” said the old man.

“What, wizard?”

“You seem confused,” said the old man.

“Umm, I’m not a wizard.”


Then the old man left the room which was covered in stacks of papers littered throughout the room, with a giant ornate desk. I got up and decided to explore the room while he was away. There was a bunch of names that I thought were hilarious. “Mindy Waterleaf, Edward Goldflame” there was more, on and on and on…Why were these names so different? Why did the man call me a wizard? This situation was insane. I didn’t remember coming here. I continued to search through the stacks while he was gone for any other documents.

“Gamma! He doesn’t even know magic!”

“How was I supposed to know?!”

“You, you…”

“Ok, ok, just send him along with the other freshmen. We need to test his skills before he does anything.”

“Alright, I’ll send him to Unicorn Way, that should be a pinch with the other freshmen alongside him”

After I realized that the old man wasn’t coming back for a while, I sat down with a map book and I found something shocking. THE WORLD WASN’T A SPHERE. It showed a giant floating island called Wizard City surrounded by small floating satellites, it also displayed a giant sphere of influence, in a system of some sort with other spheres orbiting like stars in a spiral galaxy. At this point I was going to run. Very fast. This dream was too real. I felt EVERYTHING. Every detail was crisp. But I had perfect vision. I needed glasses in my previous self. It’s like I was reborn. As I put the book away, the old man came back.

“Well young wizard, since you don’t know about magic, I’m going to send you on a relatively easy task, you’re going to be cleaning out Unicorn Way with new students.”

The old man handed me a dusty book with coarse leather, but the pages inside were freshly printed.

“This is your spell book young wizard, it contains what you’re going to need to stay alive, and here, take this letter to Private Connolly, he’ll tell you what to do.”

After he finished talking, I opened the book and found numerous spells, Lightning bats, Blood bat, Fire cat, Dark sprite. I said “Hey, these all have numbers on them, these different spells.”

“Oh! Yes, those numbers represent what rank you’re supposed to be before you start casting new spells, I forgot to send you to Ravenwood for orientation. Look in the map section of that spell book young wizard. The rest is easy.”

Great. In a new world. Absurd names. No idea what’s going on either. I went outside of his office and was shocked.

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