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The Tale of Leesha Hawkpetal by Leesha Hawkpetal

It's official. Breaking into Krokotopia is near impossible. Maybe you think you read this wrong. But unless you think you read something about cheese sandwiches, you probably heard me correctly. That's right. I tried breaking into Krokotopia. I mean, how was I supposed to know that the teleporter in Bartleby's tree had an alarm? How was I supposed to know there was a password given to you when you buy an area? Heck, I thought that magical keypad was for the teachers to let the people know they are coming! My parents yelled at me for what felt like hours on end! I guess I should explain from the start… It started out on... well… on earth (Earth is another planet). I had an unhappy life, living in the streets. You’d think someone would know how to treat other people, but few do. Anyways, I lived a tough life on the streets. Unlike the rest of the homeless people, who were slobs, however, I was a very organized girl. I wasn't always that way, though. As I grew older, I learned being organized helped a lot. Eventually, I started working in McDonalds, a restaurant. For some reason I managed to convince them I was eighteen, not twelve. I guess I must have used my magic. But my life didn't really kick off until about six months ago…

I was just closing up the place when the door slammed shut. I turned around. I tugged at the handle, but it was locked. “Jack? If this is a joke, it’s not funny!” No answer. I kicked the door and yanked on the handle. Still, no response. “Why won’t you open up!” I shouted at the door in frustration. Just then, a huge gust of wind ripped through the air. Snow swirled through the air. What was going on? Suddenly the gust turned towards me. I turned towards the kitchen and screamed. I almost didn’t make it. My clothes were tugging at me, and a huge snowball hit my head right as I closed the door. I held it shut as the swirling storm banged up against the door. A few more seconds, and I heard… nothing. Silence. I sagged against the door in relief. Then I heard the bubbling. I looked up to see pots with oil gurgling and hissing. Frightened, I watched the pots without making a noise. WHOOOOOOSH! The boiling oil shot straight into the air and onto the floor. “No!” I cried in fear and desperation; the oil was starting to fall. Almost all of it spattered my face as I cried out, my eyes closed. I waited. After a moment, I opened my eyes. The oil was on me, and it was steaming, but it didn’t feel hot at all. In fact, all I felt was a pleasant tingling sensation.

Once again, the huge gust appeared. But instead of chasing me, it rippled through the room. That’s when things got REALLY strange. All of the sudden a man appeared. He wore a slight sneer, and spoke with a voice that sounded cruel and mean. He also held a tall staff with a gold dragon statue on the end. “So, you’re the school of fire. Come with me. I will make you powerful! You will join my undead army! We will be more powerful than ever!”

“Uhh… what?” I asked, doing my best to sink through the door. Unfortunately, I am NOT a ghost. Just then another man appeared. He seemed and looked a lot nicer. Oh, and older. He had a white beard and on his shoulder perched an owl wearing a scholar hat.

“Malistaire! How dare you try and corrupt my soon to be student?”

“Corrupt? I will make her more powerful than you could ever imagine! The girl will help me conquer all of wizard city- and more!” The man- Malistaire, turned to me. Well, girl? Don’t you want to be powerful!”

Meanwhile, I was standing in the corner trying to make sense of this. It took me a few moments to realize he was asking me a question. I blinked a few times. “I’m sorry, what did you ask?”

Malistaire glared at me and said impatiently, “Don’t you want to be powerful?”

“Uh… sure, but I don’t want to be like, EVIL powerful!”

Malistaire sneered angrily. “Foolish girl! You will regret this!”

I blinked again. “Regret what?”

Malistaire threw his hands up in the air. “Bah! You’re impossible!”

“Hey! I’m not that impossible. I’m only a little impossible.”

He sneered again. “Then it’s time for you to die!” He held up his staff and shot it at the old man. A blue ball of something flew out and hit the bearded dude. The old guy grunted, and Malistaire laughed. I was starting dislike this guy.

He held out his staff again, and I randomly yelled in desperation, “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

He turned to me in disbelief. “How should I know that, foolish girl?”

Now was my chance. I ran and tackled him in the stomach. Yelling, “FOOTBALL!”

Back then, it seemed reasonable, but now that I look at it, I honestly don’t know why I yelled “Football!” I just did. Don’t ask me these kinds of questions. I don’t even like football. I was confused, okay? There are often times I don’t even know myself.

Anyways, the other man - the old one - stood up and said calmly, “Gamma, lead the girl to safety. I’ll take care of Malistaire.” The owl suddenly flew towards me (She had flown off of his shoulder in alarm when he had fallen) and started spinning around me. Everything blurred, I felt as if I had been spun around for an hour. Then everything went black.

I woke up in a tower of some sort. “Uhhh…” I groaned slightly and rolled over, my eyes still closed. My fingers stroked a soft material of which I later decided was a rug. After a moment, I heard the door open. Two people were talking in slightly hushed voices.

"-don’t think Ambrose is well enough to get out of bed, but he’ll heal. What happened?”

Just then the other voice spoke. “As I was saying, Professor Ambrose commanded me to take her here, but Malistaire fired a spell at us as we were teleporting. He got a lucky shot, and he hit the girl. When we landed here, she had fainted! Naturally, I can’t carry her, so I came to get you right away! Fortunately, you had just finished healing Ambrose. Do you think you can heal her, Moolinda?”

The first voice, Moolinda, replied, “Let’s take a look.” She- judging by the voice it was a girl- leaned down and felt my pulse. Then she muttered a few weird words, and I felt another tingling sensation, not unlike when I was at McDonalds. After another few moments, Moolinda declared; “I finished the tests. She is alive. We are lucky I got here in time. After a week’s rest or so, she will be restored back to health. Malistare must have put a curse on the poor girl.”

I opened my eyes and gasped. The two having the conversation were the owl- Ambrose (they had spoken about him while I listened to the conversation) had called her Gamma- and Moolinda. The weird thing was… Moolinda was a… a… a cow! I’m not being rude. She was actually a cow- a cow with hair and green robes. Talk about weird. Gamma must have heard me, because she looked down and said, “Good. You’re awake. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gamma. Oh, and this is Moolinda Wu. We were afraid you had been- well, how should I put this delicately? We were afraid you had been… killed.”

“Um… Nice to meet you… My name is Karina.”

Gamma looked down at me and smiled. “As that may be your earthen name, it is not your wizard101 name. What school are you?”

School? What school? Just then I remembered Malistaire saying, “So, you’re the school of fire.” “Um… Malistaire said I’m the school of fire.”

Just then Moolinda spoke up. “You know his name?”

“Um… yea. This old guy called him that.”

Gamma spoke up. “You must mean Professor Ambrose.” She turned to Moolinda Wu. “Well, thank you for your help, Moolinda. I will take it from her.” Moolinda Wu nodded and walked out the door. Gamma peered down at me and said, “Let’s consult the family tree book.”

I stood up. “The what?”

“The family tree book.”

“I heard you, but what exactly is the family tree book?”

She ignored me and flew over to a bookcase. Muttering to herself, she pulled out a HUGE book. She set it on a thick table and opened the book. Dust flew everywhere, and I coughed. “Show me the family tree of Karina from earth, school of fire, current age of twelve.”

“How do you know my age?”

Again, she ignored me. Just then the book started flipping pages on its own. Once it stopped flipping, Gamma read it and looked up. “Your name is Leesha Hawkpetal. You have four siblings, and you fathers name is Gavin Icerider. Your mother’s name is Brooke ravenclaw. You four siblings are Ryan Mythhunter, Josh Shadowhunter, Fiona Lightningstrike, and Gabriella Saphirestone.”

“Okay… so… where are they?”

“Let me show you.” Then she flew towards the door and chanted something. The door opened, and my mouth dropped.

“Was that… magic?”

“Of course.” She led me through something called the commons and past a crowded area (Apparently it was the hospital, and everyone wanted to see if Ambrose was okay.) Finally we arrived at a small house. “Here it is. You will stay at your dormitory during school days; but on free days, you will stay here. Well, I must be going. Here are some robes and a wand and spell deck- yes I used magic to make it appear- now, I really must be going. Busy day! I still have to start getting ready for school, enroll a lot of new students, and check in on Ambrose, along with doing all of Ambrose’s duties and whatever he needs. Well, go knock on the door already! Ta-ta!” And off she flew.

I nervously stepped up and knocked on the door. I could hear shouting inside. “Gabriella, get the door!”

“I’m in the bathroom!”

“I’ll get it!”

I waited for a moment before the door opened. A boy wearing yellow robes stood in the doorway. “Um… hi. I’m Leesha Hawkpetal, and-”

The kid hugged me and exclaimed “Hey, sis! I’m Ryan Mythhunter.” He turned and called, “Leesha’s finally here!” There was a scramble of noises (Including a flush) and everyone crowded the hall in excitement. Both my parents hugged me and told me how much they loved me, then the kids showed me my new room. It was pretty cool, and it was really clean. My bed had multiple pillows, all of which were soft and plump. A blue rug was on the floor, and sunshine shone brightly through a large, clean window. In the corner of the room was a thick and sturdy bookcase, filled with large books.

Just then my dad walked over. “Guys, she had a tough ride. Give her some peace for a while. She needs to process it all.”

And he was right. I did. As soon as they left, I walked over to the bookcase. I read the back of a few sturdy books, (and a comic called “Abrakadoodle”) and selected an interesting series called “The tale of Sierra Winterbreeze, book one.” It was pretty interesting. After a while, I set it down on the table that was in my room, shut off the lamp that was on the table, and slept in bed. It was the most comfortable bed I had ever slept in, and my eyes closed instantly.
When I woke up, I just snuggled deeper into my blankets. “Wake up, Leesha!” My eyelids fluttered open, and I saw a girl about my age. “I’m Fiona Lightningstrike, and I’m the school of storm. I’m glad I finally met you.”

“I’m glad I finally met you, too. For twelve years I was living-”

Suddenly there was a flash, and a young woman was standing next to Fiona. Her hair (The women’s) was floating straight up, and it was a flaming orange. “Good evening. I am Professor Dalia Falmea. I am your teacher.” She smiled at me.

So now I have met my family, a cow, Gamma, Malistaire, Ambrose, and a weird lady name Dalia Falmea.

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