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What is the Story of Your Adventure in the Spiral?

Long ago, in a world unknown of magic was created. Many though denied the existence of such thing. I was born, son of those that did not believe. But I did, i always hoped for better. I was always hoping that I was meant to be here for something better. Of course when I thought about that I thought it would be more like a better college. I never knew it would come to this. I did not think that this world was real. But now I do not regret it, I shall keep leaving like this. The first real wizard.
Edward MythCatcher

For years I looked for the perfect wizard to take under my wing and tutor him/her in the magical ways. I was struggling but then I found him. His name was Kane Star and he was perfect. He had snow white hair and robe, hat, and boots with a base light blue with a white trim. For some reason or other he had a special quality which is why, I Kyle Earthshard took him under my wing. Thanks to my teachings he is Professor Greyroses's favorite student and I was happy to do it all for him.
Kyle Earthshard and Kane Star

My adventure through the spiral was epic. One was to defeat Malistaire. He wasn't a problem just tougher than his brother Cyrus. Another is hanging out with friends and helping them. I helped friends so they can have there adventures too. Furthermore was the spells. Since I'm balance I'm mostly every school so every spell like chimera or hydra have different elements in them. Next is waterworks. Best dungeon ever for level sixty and up wizards because of the gear and rules with cheating bosses.
justin skytamer

During my adventures in the spiral, I choose to become a Necromancer wizard. On my journeys I experienced difficult but exciting battles, since I'm death and I heal with my attacks. When I arrived at Dragonspyre it changed the spiral completely for me I discovered new techniques about my school. After I found out about the true Maslistare and Morganthe I decided to change my style with the death school. I learned more astral spells along with sun (colossal), so far I'm excited for halloween!
Adam DeathHeart

My journey through the spiral was great. From Unicorn way to the end of Azteca. Every time i finished a world i was happy but when i finished Azteca i was bummed and sad because we dont get to save azteca from the meteor and because i was done with every world . My journey through the spiral was awesome from the quests to my friends every single thing in the game is awesome. Thank you wizard101 creators. :D
Christopher Firebreath

Aaron WillowLeaf's parents were wiped away by death, so as an orphan, he found Ravenwood College of Magical Arts. Ambrose took him in, and he was chosen for the school of Life. His mission was to destroy all death and evil from the Sprial, seeking revenge. Defeating Malistare Drake, a new enemy arisen. Morganthe, the Umbra Queen, claiming the Spiral as her own, plans to destroy the Council of Light. With Morganthe away, Xibalba on its path to Azteca, what now?
by Aaron WillowLeaf

I climbed on my dragon and said, "are you ready to face Malistaire?".
Later, in the Great Spyre, me and Malistaire were exhausted. We casted every spell! I got a critical hit, same him.I would be destroyed, but so would he. "For the spiral!" I yelled.
Next thing I knew, I was in headmaster Ambrose's office. "Amazing. You survived. "
Just then, my friend Dugan Boomstone came in. Morganthe was attacking, it seemed.
I mounted on my dragon, and got ready for my next adventure.
by Padric Skullstaff

In life I've journeyed to many locations in the spiral, some scary and withered, others are beautiful and blossoming with life, it is a pleasure to discover new pets, journey around entrancing mansions but what I love most is venturing with my brother and sister through quests as we laugh, play and enjoy our adventures, missions and happiness on Adventures, it is the only thing we all like to do together. I choose ice so we could venture together to defeat Malistare.
by Keiran Dragondreamer

I am in Waterworks and I am in front of the final boss. "Well what are you waiting for you wizard, lets get rolling!" says one of the bosses. "Give me a second, I'm fixing my deck!" i said to the boss."Now I'm ready, are you?" i said to the bosses."Of course we are, why else were we yelling at you!" said another boss.
"Fine, lets get going." I said. The battle was very long, I had to use a reshuffle treasure card, I also had to heal a lot. Around the point when one boss was alive, i use Emfreet.
by Scott Stormsong

Once ago in a place known as Wizard City there was a professor that name was mysterious at the time. But soon after getting to meet The Headmaster. He came into view in the tower soon after his appearing me and The Headmaster went to go see who caused the commotion. It was none other then Malistaire a recent professor of Ravenwood,until his wife died. He came to attack. So I battled the monsters he summoned. But with the help of the headmaster I defeated him. But we knew it was far from over.
by Alexander Sword

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