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An Invitation to Play Wizard101

Fellow adults, Wizard 101 is a great to stay connected to your children in a fun and whimsical world. You can meet up with them in the realm and play together having wonderful chats about the game or about life. With text chat you can talk with them even if you are not playing it the same area. As an added bonus Wizard 101 is a great way to relieve stress from your day. In the spiral as you fight gobblers, elephant soldiers, or sanzoku bandits to complete your quests your stress melts away for in the spiral you are in control and you are saving the worlds of the spiral. So as a fellow adult I am asking you to play Wizard 101 to get closer to your kids and relieve your stress so you can enjoy life outside the spiral to its fullest.
Rowan Windwhisper

Do you ever wish that you could spend more time with your children? Perhaps you are feeling that their online activity isn't being monitored sufficiently? No matter what it is, there's one solution that can help you and your child bond more on a safe, online environment: play Wizard101 WITH them!!
You're always your child's companion, but you can be their best friend in the game, too! You can give them an extra hand in battles (those Fire Elves and Gobblers can get a bit tough!) and be there for your child whenever they need it. Advice can be given about how to set up their deck, equip their gear, strategies, and so much more!
And, don't worry - you won't feel alone out there in the Spiral! Out of the 30 million players, there are plenty of other adults to have a great time with, too!!
Steven SpellStrider

I think you should play Wizard101 because it is a very educational experience. There are many opportunities to expand your vocabulary and improve your maths skills. (For example, a 715 base damage Storm Lord + 70% feint will do how much damage?)
Also, the graphics use a multitude of colors and different movements (crackling, smoke). The game has a variety of tasks. If you find quests too difficult, try gardening or crafting! I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy.
I'm recommending this game to you because I think it will help us bond if we spend more time together, and this game seems like a perfect way to do it.
From Alex ThunderShard

Dear parents,
Wizard101 is a really fun game for people of all ages, and I can only see three downsides with playing it. I'll get to those later, as I want this to be about all the upsides.
Now, parents, lets say that your child is going on a family reunion with the other side of the family, and you still want to play some games with the child. Wizard101 is just right for you!
Now, lets say that you have to go on a work trip and your email is down - you can talk to your kids over Wizard101!
In fact, the only downsides about an adult playing are: Some adults don't know how to use a computer, it requires a fast-loading computer to work and once you start playing it, it gets hard to stop!
Adults, I hope to see you in the Spiral some time,
Timothy BattleFlame

Dear Parents,
You should absolutely try Wizard101 today and join the excitement with your children! This amazing kid-friendly game is not only for children, but for people of all ages! Battle ferocious Moon Skull Zombies in Azteca, Wandering Spirits in Wizard City, or have a friendly duel with a fellow wizard in a Player vs Player, Tournament, and Ranked Match. Why should us kids have all the fun in playing this wondrous game, when a simple test can choose your own wizard to enjoy it as well? Choose a Diviner and have a Storm Lord at your calling, or maybe a Thaumaturge to control the Lord of Winter? So try the free to play online game of Wizard101 today and start your own magical adventure!
Caitlin Dragonwhisper

Adults should play this game with there child. 1. it makes them read more and spell more. 2. This game is fun you get to hangout with your friends. 3. The longer you watch your kid play the better there speech is. My sister had trouble reading, so I told her about this game and now she is 2 grades above on reading. She reads alot better and spells better. People are so nice on this game. Sometimes if you spell something wrong people will correct you. There is 3 types of chates. 1. mute chate 2. text and 3rd. is open chat. It is best if your child has text chat until there around 16, but that is if you want them to have open chat or not. You can even link them to your account where they cant do nothing bad. You can also buy them membership and crowns if you want. Please play Wizard101.
Kelsey Shadow

Dear Mother,
I think you should play Wizard101 beacuse:
1. Many adventures on your quest to defeat Malistare and chase down Morganthe!
2. Reach a Level 90 level capacity!
3. Gain spells Ranks 0-10!
4. Choose from 7 schools of magic!
5. Gain hundreds of spells!!!
6. Train a pet up to Mega for great rewards!!!
7. FREE TO PLAY! (Up to a certian point.)
8. Play in MANY worlds!!!
9. Updates frequently!!! Stay tuned!
Note: To play in every world, purchase a membership or crowns.
Adrian Silvermancer

I really think wizard101 is great for not only children but adults. Wizard101 is a very fun game you can play with your family, there are 9 worlds for you to explore and soon maybe another one! There are lots cool schools that you can pick from at the begging of this game. (That can equal be strong). You can also PvP with other people and see who can win the duel! PvP is a really fun part of the game, it lets you earn arena tickets for pets or PvP gear and gets your ready for bosses and mobs. The funnest world for me was.... AZTECA!!!! As i am only still in it its my favorite world and i would like if you could get started in wizard101 and travel through the spiral and maybe you will find a favorite world of your own!
Carlos Drake - Level 80 Myth Conjure

Moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, and any other adult,
Looking for an escape from the stress of going to work, something to do in your retirement, or a good way to connect with family across the country? I have an idea- you could play Wizard101. I know what you're thinking- isn't that a kid's game? Well, Wizard101 isn't just for kids. I personally know at least five adults that play- my aunt and uncle, my great-aunt, my dance coach, and my grandpa. It has awesome graphics, and it helps you to think on your feet. It's also great because every month, they get kids reading- they feature a different "Book of the Month," which my younger cousin always waits for. Wizard101 isn't just a kid's game, it's a family game, and it's fun!
I really hope you join us!
Megan Megan MythWhisper

You should play this game, because it an adventure from your computer, it bring you to a new world, and you make friend, get powerful, work as a team to defeat bosses and more you will never know what it is if you don't try ;) so see you in the spiral :D David StormShield

First of all I would like to say playing w101 with parents is most amazing!
When we all are having free time we can play w101 together we can help each other and PVP.
Mark dreamcaster

Wizard101 is a fun game where everyone gets to explore, cast devastating spells, and have fun at the same time! In this games you can go to different worlds, fight terrifying monsters, and be rewarded when they fall. You can fight others, friends, and family members. Adventure together, fight together, and explore. Get mounts, or race your pet dragon in the Pet Derby. Defeat minions, monsters, and Malistaire. Choose a class, and study hard. Play all sorts of fun Minigames anne fill up your potion bottle or win prizes.

It's your world.
It's your adventure.
Everything is up to you. Edward ThunderFlame

Wizard101 is a great realistic games with stunning graphics and amzing features with awesome 3d animation.There are various great missions which help children find solution in battles and try to find a way to deal with furious bosses with great abilities and this increses your child's intelligence and ability to find solutions to hard situations in life.BEYOND doubt its an intresting game with gret mini games for all ages and increses a person's agility and response to various situations ranging fom finding object throughout the spiral to batteling hard and enormous bosses.All in all its a great time playing this 3D game with all other people all around the world playing it Travis Fireshield

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