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Happy Birthday Wizard101

Happy Birthday Wizard101! I wish you the best of wishes. This is and always will be my favorite game of all time and that's all thanks to you guys. I just have to say thank you so very much for creating and putting so much effort in this awesome game that I never get tired of playing. Cheers :).
- LukeLegendBlade

happy birthday this is my fav game and who ever made this game is epic and everyone in wizard101 since i started to play i fell in love. but i want to get to lvl 100 when it comes out i was stuck lvl 90 for a long time but anyways happy birthday and i wish you many more
- michael crowhaven

Congratulations Kingisle! It must feel absolutely amazing to see something you created get so big so fast! I hope you're having a wonderful time celebrating! Keep up the amazing work, it IS appreciated, even if we don't say it all the time :)
- Caroline Dreamsong

Happy birthday wizard101 and I have loved you game since i started playing it 4 years ago and thank you for working hard to make us happy and I love your game. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Thank you kingsisle for everything
- Brian Legend flame

I haven't been playing wizard101 for that long and somehow I got my brother (Valdus Haven) to play. If I could I would stay in at recess and play wizard101. I wish I had more time to play.
- from: Loyal player of Kingisle games

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