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Gardening Haikus

Gardening by Jacob SwiftStaff
The flowers, they bloom,
The mage, who plants his carrots,
Is a joyous one.

Plants,Plants,Plants by Nathaniel DragonHeart
I have yet to plant,
the most spectacular plant,
that i need to plant.

My Little Peas by Alexis MistWalker
How do my peas grow
Angry little peas your are
Grow little peas grow

Gift of Gaia by Isaiah StarSong
Lush and beautiful
When we consume, we grow strong
Earths love flows through us

Cycles of Life by Mycin LifeSong
Today it is plow
Tomorrow it is rain, sun
After, happiness.

Ode to Silver Trumpet Vine by Kelly SoulBreaker
How you blare your horn
Your song carries on the wind
So crisp, and so strong

Ode to Magma Peas by Abigail DragonFist
Magma peas are great
They furnish many a snack
for pets to enjoy

Garden Fun by Jasmine ThunderStaff
Having a fun time
In my garden with my plants
Fairies help them grow

Snap Dragons by Anna SpiritMask
Snap Dragons, oh you!
All I need are the gemstones
But not that black coal!

Why I Love Couch Potatoes by Victoria IceShard
Baby Carrots Scream
As Elvis-plant kills music
But Potatoes.... sit.

Time in the Garden by Kaitlyn LifeLeaf
Time in the garden
Is soothing, fun, and peaceful.
Entwined with Nature.

Desparagus by Blaze SpellThief
The desparagus
Needing music and pollen
So sad and gloomy

Growing by Joseph NightBloom
The little plant grows
Stretching high to see the sun
Growing green and tall

Dandelion by Alexandra RubyStone
A Dandelion
Golden, Bright Pink, and Orange
Their Roar, VERY loud.

'O how i so rely on gardening! by Anna DawnBloom
Watch it grow so high!
dandy lions, ninja pigs
'O, I so rely!

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