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Tale of Two Brothers by Carson


"Morgrim! Get up! You going to be late for school!" Kane said, hitting me with a pillow.

I moaned and stuck my face in a pillow.

"Come on, dude. Do you want Dworgyn mad at you again?" "It's not like he expects anything from me." I sat up in my bed. "Why don't you run off to Moolinda, teachers pet?" I retorted.

Kane sighed and grabbed his backpack. "Your going to regret sleeping in one of these days, Morgrim. It's not illegal to get expelled."

"They won't expel me, Kane, relax. Run along. I'll be fine."


I swung my backpack over my shoulders and walked outside of the dorm room. I slammed the door behind me and pushed my way to the life school.

My brother was such a lazy bum. Isn't every Death student? To be honest, I'm not even sure how my parents, two archmage life wizards even gave birth to a person like him. I remember the day we took the school test like it was yesterday, the look on my parents face when they found out that Morgrim was Death. Me? I had always known. He had put spiders in my bed as a kid, played mean pranks and humiliated me every chance he got. I worried about him. Everyone I've met that is Death tells me that Death wizards have to be careful, or they could turn evil in the blink of an eye. But that wasn't what I was most worried about.

I am Moolinda's top Master Theurgist, level 46. I was always sent on missions for her, normally in Dragonspyre, where all the corrupted wizards go. If Morgrim were to turn, then I would be the one to take him out. I shuddered at the thought. No way was I going to let Morgrim turn. He wouldn't, he couldn't. Despite his mean intentions, his laziness, he had a soft side, like most Death wizards. He just didn't show it as much as I would have liked.

He is level 38, he doesn't work that hard. He is also 2 years older than me. I was impressed with myself for leveling up so fast, then I realized that it was just he was lazy and irresponsible.

I hurried to the life school where I took my seat. Moolinda stood at the front of the school until all the students had filled in.

"Now, Today we will be learning about the history of the Dryad. Please turn to page 54 in your text books..."


I stumbled along to the Death school. I was so tired. I pledge to go to bed earlier tonight.

The commons were empty, as school started 30 minutes ago. I stopped at the pond in front of Merle Amborse's house, and drenched my face in water in an attempt to wake up. I needed to be more like Kane. He got to go to Marleybone a few days ago. My dream city. But then I look at all the work and I back down.

That's when I realized it. Kane left his spiral key to Marleybone in his drawer. I stopped in my tracks. He won't miss it, I'll only be gone a few hours...


This was very strange.

I was sure I had left the spiral key to Marleybone in my bedside drawer. I had searched the entire dorm for it, but with no luck. Moolinda was going to be very mad if I don't get her jewelry back from the O'Leary gang...

Wait, where was Morgrim? He was always home by now. Maybe Dworgyn kept him for detention. Serves him right. I better go see if he is there anyway. I can't take my eye off of him. Last time I did he ended up knocked out cold in The Arena.

I made my way to Nightside, where I creaked open the door to the Death School. Nobody was there, besides Dworgyn, asleep on the floor. This was strange, No Morgrim, no spiral key...

I slapped my forehead with my palm. Oh no! He is going to get himself killed!

I slammed the door to the Death School, and pulled my hair back.

"MORGRIM!" I said aloud, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?"

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