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The Theurgist Dairies Part 3 by Autumn Leaf

March 13, 2006
Dear Math Notebook,
I’m writing this diary entry here because I’m supposed to be solving math problems in class right now. I normally WOULD be working, but I can’t concentrate. Everything brings me back to those strange things that have been happening. I’ve come to a conclusion though: it was all a trick of the light; my imagination. None of this is real. The only thing that’s real is my math teacher over my desk giving me a death look.

March 13, 2006
Dear Diary,
I’m in detention right now, and I am NOT looking forward to going home to my parents faces. Next time my teacher catches me writing to you during class; remind me NOT to quickly jot down about the look they are giving me!!!!!

March 13, 2006
Dear Diary,
Wanna know the weirdest thing that happened to me today? When I got home my parents didn’t even care that I was late or that I had gotten detention. It went like this:

Mom: Hello honey. (In an overly sweet kinda nervous voice)

Me: hi mom… (In a confused voice)

Dad: Autumn, have a seat.

(I sit in a dining room chair)

Dad: your mom and I have been discussing quite a few things lately…

Mom: And we have something important to tell you…

Dad: you see our family has been going to a very um…

Mom: prestigious

Dad: Thank you, prestigious school for generations.

(My eye brows just got way higher)

I was really surprised that they weren’t discussing my (ahem) day. Anyways:

Mom: your father and I were not accepted as children….

Me: So both sides have been going to this school for ages?

Mom: yes, but that’s not important.

Dad: what is important is…….

Mom and Dad in unison: YOU GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!

Dad: We just got off the phone with them. The letter will be here in-

Mom: A FEW DAYS!! (She squeaked when she said that)

What I don’t understand is how I got into some huge school, when my grades aren’t even all that great. Does it have something to do with the dog and the flower? Wait NO this is NOT Harry Potter!!!!!!! It is probably just some school that is important to my parents, that’s ALL!!!

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