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The Theurgist Dairies Part 2 by Autumn Leaf

For that entire week I stressed, the green glow, the-all-of-a-sudden healed dog, it was scientifically impossible. Had I done similar things around my class-mates? Maybe I had harmed them in some way? No matter how hard I thought about it, the only conclusion I came to was: I had to find out more. I had helped the dog, so the strange thing wasn’t evil, so that was a relief.
I had to decide whether or not to tell my parents. I mean what would you say to your parents if it was you? I couldn’t exactly go up to them and say “hey guys! Guess what? Magic power came out of me and healed a dog!” That would be like begging for a stay in the crazy home!
No. I wasn’t going to tell them. I was going figure it out ALONE.

March 12, 2006
Dear Diary,
I’m writing this really quick, its 6:00 AM Tuesday morning. I’m going to fake going to school today. Why? Because when I helped that dog I remember feeling connected to nature, so I’m going back to the park to find some answers.
Talk to you later,

I was excited, and there was no going back to bed for me, so I started to get ready. I was thin; I had dark brown eyes and long eye-lashes. I slipped on a pair of jeans that had a butterfly stitched into the leg, a white tank top, a loose green fashion jacket that also had a butterfly stitched on it, and a pair of sneakers. I brushed my thick brown hair into a half pony and added my favorite flower clip. I wasn’t sure what if anything I would need to bring, so I packed a lunch.
It wasn’t long before the morning routine started, “have you seen my shirt!” “No!” “Breakfast!” “Don’t waste time you’ll be late!” After a morning full of the usual shouts back and forth, and the usual hurriedness of it, I was finally off to find my answers.

March 12, 2006
Dear Diary,
I’ve been in the park for hours, and in about two more I’ll have to go home. I’m sooooo disappointed though, I have found nothing….NOTHING, on how I did that magic thing last week. To make stuff worse, I did NOT think this through all the way. The school probably called my parents, and told them I cut school today. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I was right too, the school had called, and my parents were waiting for me to do some explaining when I got home. My mom had her hands on her hips, with that you-better-have-a-good-explanation-for-this-young-lady, look on her face; my dad was staring me down. There was a dead silence for a minute, until both my parents said

“well…..” in unison.

“Hi, what’s up?” I giggled nervously,

“We got a nice little phone call from the school today.”

“Really? Why? (Hee)”

Their faces got sterner. “Where were you?”

March 12, 2006
Dear Diary,
Hi again. My parents were not exactly happy with me today. It was reaaaallllly hard not to tell them about the dog. I ended up telling them how the kids at school wouldn’t stop bullying me, and that I needed a break and my space. Then they asked me if I was sure I couldn’t remember doing anything that the other kids didn’t like. I started thinking hard about it, the only thing I remember is, what happened during last week’s biology class. We were learning about plants, so we each had a small partly wilted flower. We were going to try different things to see if we could help the flower, (Water, fertilizer, sunlight…ECT). I looked at the flower then started around my table to find soil, but when my eyes came back to the flower, it was healthy. It WOULD make sense if that was what I did; it is similar to what happened with the dog. I just told my parents that a flower acted funny in bio last week and that it was nothing. Now I’m grounded for the rest of the night though.

Unbeknown to me, my parents knew something I didn’t about my family.

Mom: Do you think she could, have….that she could be….?

Dad: It could be

Mom: We should we tell her.

Dad: When?

Mom: Tomorrow afternoon.

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